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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can we just pretend for a second that we hand picked these blueberries fresh off the mountainous fields of a faraway land? 

A FEW WEEKENDS AGO, Michelle and I spent the morning making blueberry chia seed pudding at her apartment. 
How very cute and domestic of us right? In between takes, we more or less forced ourselves not to polish off every last blueberry...and in
 the process of course we had to get some Kinfolk-esque photos. And this is why anything involving food is an all day long process with us. 

Shooting photos like these calms my mind like no other, but its sheer sterility and simplicity makes me crave
 a dose of darkness and danger.  

However, taking a breather from Lorde & listening to: 
Dustin O'Halloran- Opus 23



  1. you are such a wonderful artist <3 never stop taking pictures!

    1. Thank Shannon!! ( I'm not really sure if you will be notified of this reply haha)...but I can't wait to go on our next food-venture ;D

  2. I love how you said your creativity gets the best of you and you always end up taking pictures of everything - and that's a good thing! One of the best minimalist photos I have seen here so far.


    1. Thanks Andrea!! I try not to take photos of everything, but with a DSLR it just kind of happens... :)



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