Flora & Fauna

Saturday, February 1, 2014

TODAY DURING design training for my school newspaper, instead of creating layouts for the newspaper (the sole purpose of training), I played around with typography and graphics the entire time. No one seemed to mind, but this is probably the reason I could barely keep up during the little exercise-quiz we had to do afterwards. Never mind, this was much more enjoyable in my book. Here, I used one of my old photos from my hike in the Presidio woods this past summer. Even though it is a shot of nothing-ness, the washed out colors makes it one of my favorites. 

I've also been thinking a lot about the phrase, "flora and fauna". 
It makes simple terms for plants and animals sound so other-worldly! 




  1. Love the simplicity of everything, especially the second one. I really love the quote, and the picture sleeps for itself. And yes, 'flora and fauna' does sound like a fancy schmancy term for plants and animals; heck, I think I'm gonna get a shirt with it on.




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