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Friday, February 28, 2014

-photos via urbankoi, theillusionist, puzzlepieces, found here-

IT'S BEEN TOO LONG since my last inspiration board! 
Creating these sets eases my mind like no other, maybe because for a second I'm a curator...at least in the tumblr/internet appropriation sense.

I've included some of my favorite photos from bloggers and photographers I am endlessly pushed by creatively- urbankoi, kiki the illusionist, puzzlepieces, and a flurry of others who capture these delicate moments of sensitive, strong, androgynous beauty. I don't know that I can describe the mood it evokes, only that it makes me feel so much, so full. 

February has brought an unexpected sadness with it, not the surface level kind of sadness, and not the kind that really goes away, but I'm lucky to have wonderful humans to lean on. And I've realized how few people you can rely on to talk more in depth than just the immediate "I'm sorry", and even share struggles with in the first place. It takes a really special problem to dig deeper and prod the tears out of you, then hold you when they come tumbling out.

Here's to the last couple days of February, to a new month... 
to never taking anything for granted


wildly simple

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can we just pretend for a second that we hand picked these blueberries fresh off the mountainous fields of a faraway land? 

A FEW WEEKENDS AGO, Michelle and I spent the morning making blueberry chia seed pudding at her apartment. 
How very cute and domestic of us right? In between takes, we more or less forced ourselves not to polish off every last blueberry...and in
 the process of course we had to get some Kinfolk-esque photos. And this is why anything involving food is an all day long process with us. 

Shooting photos like these calms my mind like no other, but its sheer sterility and simplicity makes me crave
 a dose of darkness and danger.  

However, taking a breather from Lorde & listening to: 
Dustin O'Halloran- Opus 23


A secret place

Friday, February 21, 2014

- profeta, los angeles -

THIS IS WHERE untamed ivy casts playful shadows on iron chairs, where dark pots of empty 
coffee sits basking in the delicate afternoon light. 

Maybe it's selfish to not want to share such a space full of secret solitude with the world, but this is the kind of place that is so far removed 
(in essence) from my college town that it deserves to be stumbled upon accidentally by people who appreciate its charm. 

I love the idea of untamed beauty, 
especially nature that is free to grow wild and conquer the mean urban streets. 
And I love noticing the little details, the nine holes on the iron chair's seat, the crumbling corners of the window sill.



Thursday, February 20, 2014

teresa oman for human being journal fall 2012
-images via spelldesigns.com-

That is all. 


iced out

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Listening to: 

Calgary- Bon Iver
Alina Baraz & Galimatias- Pretty Thoughts
Clubfeet- Cape Town (Panama Remix)

 IT'S POST-MIDTERMS WEEK, which means I must dust the chocolate crumbs off the only-for-my-eyes comfy pants and slowly venture back into the wild! (the public). It's hard finding ways to calm my mind down these days, but if anythings going to do it, it's Kinfolk's ice cream issue! 

This February 14th entailed the most non-stop, exorbitant consumption of desserts ever, and it was wonderful. The whole past weekend was actually a huge conglomerate of scrumptiously decadent foods, now that I think about it. I went over to Michelle's Friday afternoon, and together we scooped our way through the gooey goodness of Talenti's raspberry-dark chocolate and caramel cookie gelato. That was only preceded by obliterating every dark chocolate crusted walnut mix in sight with only one extra strawberry to spare for her roommate. Lovely right? Saturday, after hiking up to Eagle Rock with Michelle and Stanley, I finally tried the Blood Orange at Lemonade along with some actually very healthy fruit-veggie mixes with gourmet titles like Watermelon radish with ahi tuna, snap peas, black sesame, and ginger. I'll be going back for you soon! Sunday, we had an amazing brunch-with-the-girls kind of day at the Little Next door cafe. Briefly: Parisian, cats, 7 foot men, french toast & warm chocolate souffles with perfectly globby (and rather un-photogenic) cream sauce.

When someone figures out how to take brilliant food photos without decreasing the taste quality itself (and coming dangerously close to ruining relationships) they need to let us know, because this is starting to be a recurring theme every food-related quest.


sensuality and androgyny

Friday, February 14, 2014

The key words are proportion, balance, fragility, sensuality, and androgyny 
-Jill Sander

Flora & Fauna

Saturday, February 1, 2014

TODAY DURING design training for my school newspaper, instead of creating layouts for the newspaper (the sole purpose of training), I played around with typography and graphics the entire time. No one seemed to mind, but this is probably the reason I could barely keep up during the little exercise-quiz we had to do afterwards. Never mind, this was much more enjoyable in my book. Here, I used one of my old photos from my hike in the Presidio woods this past summer. Even though it is a shot of nothing-ness, the washed out colors makes it one of my favorites. 

I've also been thinking a lot about the phrase, "flora and fauna". 
It makes simple terms for plants and animals sound so other-worldly! 



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