winter to spring

Sunday, January 19, 2014

TOPMAN AND TREES... must things be more complex than that? I'm almost three weeks into the quarter here in LA and it's already reaching
 throat- drying, sinus threatening temperatures, so I suppose it's finally time to acknowledge the end of winter and a gradual shift back into color. 

A few things that I'm in love with now (always) :

1) floral androgyny 
2) mist so beautiful it haunts you
3) endless forest fading into nothingness
4) mermaids

5) organized jumbles and clean lines
6) shadows 
7) the surreal, stunning faces of topman
8) staying in the room on Friday nights when virtually half the world is out partying and creating these sets with a 
mocha latte and chocolate chip cookie as my company <3
9) lying in the dark, talking to old friends and thinking of nothing, really
10) pockets

photos via tumblr, pinterest, and topman 


  1. I love this (and all of your other) lists. They make me happy. I go to school in NYC and used to live at their dorms and feel the same way. Friday and Saturday nights are the most relaxing when everyone else is out and about.



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