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Monday, December 16, 2013

THIS MIGHT NOT BE the most original thought on the block, but black, white, and that tint of blueish purple light just might be the most
 appealing thing since what? Nutella on sliced bread? 
When I think back to how much my personal taste in fashion has changed in just a few months, I'm a little taken aback. 
Ever since I started opening my eyes to more classic menswear I've quickly discovered a world of playful texture and shape through masculine meets feminine cuts. It's bolder, looser, more constructed, less contrived (its design is anything but thoughtless, yet it ends up looking more effortless). All hail Alexa Chung, Jane Birkin, and the like for being able to let go of the ultra feminine far longer than the rest of us. 

My sense of style is continuously evolving, as most people's tend to, but I don't think my gravitation towards minimalism is just a phase... if anything, I think it's increasing because there is such a need for a return to simplicity. At the same time, I need a little crazy print (thank you Nylon mag and Gwen Stefani) to keep me sane. Funny how that works out.

 Mixing a few of my favorite images from December, all found here , with a few photos I took in San Francisco this past Thanksgiving break. 
Catching the mist unfurling over the bay, and seeing nothing but an endless expanse of smokey white and dusty blue never gets old. 
Every time I'm out there, I feel a little more renewed. 



  1. very cool :)

  2. Love the black and white look!
    This is a really great post :)


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