Runaway, then be still

Friday, December 6, 2013

"There are days when solitude... is a heady wine which intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison which makes you beat your head against the wall"

"Alone... and for a long time past.
The proof is that I am giving way to the habit of talking to myself
and of holding conversations with my dog, and the fire, and my own reflection.
It is an idiosyncracy which recluses and old prisoners fall into;
but I'm not like them, I'm free.
And if I talk to myself it is because I have a writer's need to express my thoughts in rhythmical language."

"To write, to be able to write, what does it mean?
It means spending long hours dreaming before a white page,
scribbling unconsciously, letting your pen play round a blot of ink and nibble at a half-formed word,
scratching it, making it bristle with darts and adorning it with antennae and paws until
it loses all resemblance to a legible word
and turns into a fantastic insect or a fluttering creature half butterfly, half fairy."

"As for (my third book), The Forest Without Birds, it fell flat and never picked up again. Yet this one is my favorite, my private "unrecognized masterpiece". It was considered diffuse and muddled, incomprehensible and long. Even now, whenever I open it, I love it and wholeheartedly admire myself in it. Incomprehensible? Perhaps it is for you. But for me its warm obscurity is clear as day; for me a single word is enough to create the smell and colour of hours I have lived through. It is as sonorous and full of mystery as a shell in which the sea sings, and I should love it less, I think, if you loved it too. But rest assured, I shall not write another like that, I never could" 

-all images found here-

Finally finishing up the Vagabond by Colette! 
All quotes are from pages I've dogeared while reading. Its hard to pick favorites because she is so mind numbingly descriptive
(in a good way), that certain sentences need to be re-read not twice, but three, even five times.

smother- daughter
you & me- disclosure (flume remix) 
astronomic club- air 


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