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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

clockwise: madewell tunic, etsy beaded bracelet, DIY painted branches, 
Zara gift card, Kinfolk magazine, Jcrew two-tone baseball cap

OUR MOTTO: The holidays aren't over until the last of the cookies have been demolished. We then keep our tree until it looks dry enough to start a fire in the living room (a couple weeks prior to Valentines Day, yes we're those people) and of course we continue listening to Christmas music all year long to further instill this feeling! I've had such a good quality time at home for break this year, the first week spent exploring the city, and now I'm just happy to have time at home to craft some projects like the white dipped painted branch above, and watch an excess of good (and really crappy) films.

2013 was a big year- it was filled with more changes than I've experienced in years.  From the sheer excitement of moving to a brand new college and city, and living without the daily support of my parents for the first time, to pushing myself to take more risks and not be so scared of the possibility of my own potential, I have changed and grown a little, for the better. It reminds me of something along the lines of the best quotes I read this year, 

"Don't be afraid of growing old. Just be afraid of never growing" 

For the first time in foreverr (watched frozen last night) I feel like I've actually stuck to a resolution, which was to simply to explore. To discover new places in each city,  to feel just as comfortable alone or with company, and through this, become more self-reliant, daring, and free. 

2013 has been an inspiring year. And I can already tell that the new year will be one filled with reaching for more challenging and rewarding projects and experiences.  Exciting plans for traveling are already in store, and finally, continuing to share these moments with you all through this blog!

Thank you for your words of encouragement & for sticking around to read my rambling run-ons! 
Happy Holidays and New Year!



  1. Happy new year and have an adventurous 2014, Junebug!

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