Function and fade

Thursday, December 19, 2013

MODERN ARCHITECTURE IS something I've always found intriguing. Its complexity masked by its pristine lines and grid-like shapes, it's beauty overwhelmed by its sheer volume in space. And then, there's this element of underlying sadness and loneliness that washes over me as I look up at the slabs
of grays and harsh cuts. I like the photo above from a day at the LACMA because it so obviously contrasts nature (or quintessential socal, you choose) with this concrete, immovable structure. The two elements live on within or without the presence of the other, but together most strongly compliment each other through their contrasts.

More photos from our day at the lacma below!
The museum gods blessed us with free admission, so with less pressure to enjoy what we would have payed for and more freedom to explore, we spent the whole day wandering around the galleries. Moral of our day: when in doubt whether the blank white canvas shaped in a hexagon before you has accidentally landed itself in a prestigious museum full of Picasso's and Dali... "It's art!" We don't question the white hexagon.




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