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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

clockwise: madewell tunic, etsy beaded bracelet, DIY painted branches, 
Zara gift card, Kinfolk magazine, Jcrew two-tone baseball cap

OUR MOTTO: The holidays aren't over until the last of the cookies have been demolished. We then keep our tree until it looks dry enough to start a fire in the living room (a couple weeks prior to Valentines Day, yes we're those people) and of course we continue listening to Christmas music all year long to further instill this feeling! I've had such a good quality time at home for break this year, the first week spent exploring the city, and now I'm just happy to have time at home to craft some projects like the white dipped painted branch above, and watch an excess of good (and really crappy) films.

2013 was a big year- it was filled with more changes than I've experienced in years.  From the sheer excitement of moving to a brand new college and city, and living without the daily support of my parents for the first time, to pushing myself to take more risks and not be so scared of the possibility of my own potential, I have changed and grown a little, for the better. It reminds me of something along the lines of the best quotes I read this year, 

"Don't be afraid of growing old. Just be afraid of never growing" 

For the first time in foreverr (watched frozen last night) I feel like I've actually stuck to a resolution, which was to simply to explore. To discover new places in each city,  to feel just as comfortable alone or with company, and through this, become more self-reliant, daring, and free. 

2013 has been an inspiring year. And I can already tell that the new year will be one filled with reaching for more challenging and rewarding projects and experiences.  Exciting plans for traveling are already in store, and finally, continuing to share these moments with you all through this blog!

Thank you for your words of encouragement & for sticking around to read my rambling run-ons! 
Happy Holidays and New Year!


into the woods

Friday, December 27, 2013

 into the woods 
on a rather warm afternoon 
in san francisco 

I shot these photos a few weeks ago on a family hike in the Presidio Woods.
My dad (ever the stubborn one) insisted we were heading for the scenic ocean views, when we were clearly burrowing further and further
into the water-less woodlands. It was around 4 pm when I took these, and the lighting was maybe pre-golden hour, but the purples and blues
made for an ethereal, somber winter  setting. Fairy nymphs and woodland creatures were hiding somewhere no doubt.



Saturday, December 21, 2013

Photos by felix lim 
instagram: @fixelzero

THE PERKS OF HAVING a great eye for shapes and shadows. You capture still moments in everyday life that others like myself might glance upon, admire for a quick minute even, but walk away and consequently forget about. My photographer friend Felix took me on one of his photo walks through San Francisco, and he captured incredible architecture (with little me wearing a simple zara top & a serious face) in the China basin district. 

More soon! 


Function and fade

Thursday, December 19, 2013

MODERN ARCHITECTURE IS something I've always found intriguing. Its complexity masked by its pristine lines and grid-like shapes, it's beauty overwhelmed by its sheer volume in space. And then, there's this element of underlying sadness and loneliness that washes over me as I look up at the slabs
of grays and harsh cuts. I like the photo above from a day at the LACMA because it so obviously contrasts nature (or quintessential socal, you choose) with this concrete, immovable structure. The two elements live on within or without the presence of the other, but together most strongly compliment each other through their contrasts.

More photos from our day at the lacma below!
The museum gods blessed us with free admission, so with less pressure to enjoy what we would have payed for and more freedom to explore, we spent the whole day wandering around the galleries. Moral of our day: when in doubt whether the blank white canvas shaped in a hexagon before you has accidentally landed itself in a prestigious museum full of Picasso's and Dali... "It's art!" We don't question the white hexagon.


december moods

Monday, December 16, 2013

THIS MIGHT NOT BE the most original thought on the block, but black, white, and that tint of blueish purple light just might be the most
 appealing thing since what? Nutella on sliced bread? 
When I think back to how much my personal taste in fashion has changed in just a few months, I'm a little taken aback. 
Ever since I started opening my eyes to more classic menswear I've quickly discovered a world of playful texture and shape through masculine meets feminine cuts. It's bolder, looser, more constructed, less contrived (its design is anything but thoughtless, yet it ends up looking more effortless). All hail Alexa Chung, Jane Birkin, and the like for being able to let go of the ultra feminine far longer than the rest of us. 

My sense of style is continuously evolving, as most people's tend to, but I don't think my gravitation towards minimalism is just a phase... if anything, I think it's increasing because there is such a need for a return to simplicity. At the same time, I need a little crazy print (thank you Nylon mag and Gwen Stefani) to keep me sane. Funny how that works out.

 Mixing a few of my favorite images from December, all found here , with a few photos I took in San Francisco this past Thanksgiving break. 
Catching the mist unfurling over the bay, and seeing nothing but an endless expanse of smokey white and dusty blue never gets old. 
Every time I'm out there, I feel a little more renewed. 


she went west, she broke the law

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

-Wildfox SS2012 | Even Cowgirls Get the Blues-


THE DESERT HAS been occupying my mind lately. Animal skulls, palm springs, boots and dust, white lace, black gowns, joshua tree, starry nights. 
Endless grainy dunes and washed-out violet hues. Oh the potential- of road trip playlists and stickers and soda. 
Eternal wonders like why head to toe white and pure black look so damn amazing in deserts. 

But city life in LA isn't something to complain about now, even if it still doesn't feel like home. Finals are over now and explorations have commenced! 
Today I checked off two major spots off my LA list: The Village Idiot, and... LACMA. Tomorrow I'm trying Bottega Louie (99% expecting it to be hype, 
99% hope I'm wrong), and Thursday, my last day before heading back to SF, I'm off to Silver Lake and the Grove. Photos as soon as I get back home!

forever dreaming of the desert


Runaway, then be still

Friday, December 6, 2013

"There are days when solitude... is a heady wine which intoxicates you with freedom, others when it is a bitter tonic, and still others when it is a poison which makes you beat your head against the wall"

"Alone... and for a long time past.
The proof is that I am giving way to the habit of talking to myself
and of holding conversations with my dog, and the fire, and my own reflection.
It is an idiosyncracy which recluses and old prisoners fall into;
but I'm not like them, I'm free.
And if I talk to myself it is because I have a writer's need to express my thoughts in rhythmical language."

"To write, to be able to write, what does it mean?
It means spending long hours dreaming before a white page,
scribbling unconsciously, letting your pen play round a blot of ink and nibble at a half-formed word,
scratching it, making it bristle with darts and adorning it with antennae and paws until
it loses all resemblance to a legible word
and turns into a fantastic insect or a fluttering creature half butterfly, half fairy."

"As for (my third book), The Forest Without Birds, it fell flat and never picked up again. Yet this one is my favorite, my private "unrecognized masterpiece". It was considered diffuse and muddled, incomprehensible and long. Even now, whenever I open it, I love it and wholeheartedly admire myself in it. Incomprehensible? Perhaps it is for you. But for me its warm obscurity is clear as day; for me a single word is enough to create the smell and colour of hours I have lived through. It is as sonorous and full of mystery as a shell in which the sea sings, and I should love it less, I think, if you loved it too. But rest assured, I shall not write another like that, I never could" 

-all images found here-

Finally finishing up the Vagabond by Colette! 
All quotes are from pages I've dogeared while reading. Its hard to pick favorites because she is so mind numbingly descriptive
(in a good way), that certain sentences need to be re-read not twice, but three, even five times.

smother- daughter
you & me- disclosure (flume remix) 
astronomic club- air 


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