photo essay: white roses

Sunday, November 3, 2013

AFTER BONDING OVER our love for kiko, nylon, and voluptuous, insanely image packed Japanese magazines, lovely homegirl 
Cat from down the hall let me borrow the latest issue of Vivi <3 Sadly, after two years of reading virtually nothing in Japanese,  I can only make
 out about one in every five kanji characters. 

Nevertheless the photos are gorgeous, and the spread featured here is what every Sunday morning should entail.
Wishes for a day of recovery from post-Halloween shenanigans,  bad Chinese take-out, and ping pong balls. Have a great week!



  1. You can read Japanese? Totally jealous! I'm quite a fanatic their fashion sense, hence I;m thinking of reading such as well.

  2. Japanese editorials are always so pretty! x

  3. Great pictures! I love foreign magazines so much, not being able to understand it all makes it just a bit more magical. :) Love your blog and style. :) Following now via both GFC & Bloglovin. xx

  4. great editorial the spread looks perfect on your bedsheets

  5. Lovely photos. I adore all the roses.

  6. this post is beautiful, the photos are gorgeous! white is such a pretty colour and photographs so well x



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