Botanical hallucination

Saturday, November 9, 2013

dress- urban renewal
boots- jeffery campbell everly cutouts 

 IMAGINE MY DELIGHT when I found out my school has its own botanical garden!
So many friends have said their favorite thing about campus is walking around and seeing nothing but sunshine and endless blue skies, but on those 
days when you just need to be a socially reclusive grump and escape from the bustle, this place is golden. 

Endless dark, entwining vines weave in and out of forests of lush tropical trees and bamboo sprouts. Look up high above, and speckled streams of hazy white light break through seamlessly. It's so quiet here, its hard to believe this place is LA. Coming here in the early morning (that's 10 am in college time) turns even overworked, Oscar the grouch- students into a more functional, less high strung  version of themselves. And that's always important.

Now back to stomping around campus in my little black daisy dress and white cut-outs without a care in the world, while Sia's 
album "Some People Have REAL problems" plays in the background! 




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