photo taken in Italy- summer 2011

ANOTHER DAY OF raindrops cascading down my dorm room window, of greys and dark blues, and shiny black rainboots, and not wanting to get out of bed in the early a.m. The days are trickling by as I count down the return to my love, San Francisco! I intended to put up photos from my Melrose Trading Post day with Michelle, but the glorification of LA sunshine just seems insulting in this dreary, but equally cozy sweater weather. This photo was taken near the Alps in Italy two summers ago in Belagio- being able to wear sandals while looking up at snowy peaks is just another reminder of how the simplest forms in nature are truly the most paramount.

Listening to Bon Iver's "Holocene", and consuming unhealthy amounts of dining hall coffee. 
Shout out to Urth Cafe's Spanish Latte- you are heaven in a steaming hot mug, and put Coffee Bean to shame.



Saturday, November 16, 2013

nails- stroke of brilliance by essie 
artwork "Light Light" by Baxter and Romano

 SO LONG TO pre- college woes I had about being bored silly in the college dorm room. Since I joined my school neighborhood's contemporary art museum student association, a whole mini world of events has slowly unraveled in front of me, leaving me with way too many lust-worthy pamphlets and graphic postcards turned wall decorations (like the diamond lights above). The state of my current essie polished nails can vouch- the once midnight blue party sparkles have been reduced to stranded navy chips of sad glitter. For my incredible roommate who somehow finds time to retouch her manicured nails every other day, this is pure torture.

No complaints though, this past weekend alone was incredible. Even though I was exhausted from the long week, on Friday night I went to a student run swap meet, where for the first time in my LIFE I met another kid my age with my name. Who is Asian. And a Francophile ( a nod here to James Franco who is teaching a class at my school now) going to Paris this summer... ?! Then one of the girls in the event told me about the Miyazaki premier going on in LA for his LAST FILM EVER, "The Wind Rises". Michelle and I went Monday night around midnight and.. what an experience. What it lacked in Spirited Away's fantastical intensity, Miyazaki's visuals of Japan completely compensated. That summer breeze ruffling the green hilly meadows, the purity and kind heartedness of the characters, and those strikingly simple piano notes brought something out from inside me that I haven't felt in a long time. We both teared up with pangs of nostalgia for Tokyo- for me the Tokyo I used to visit every summer, and for her the idea of Tokyo that she so badly wants to experience.

In the midst of all that, we somehow managed to spend a whole day at the Melrose Trading Post...
but more on that next time! 

Canvas of Culture | Crystalized 
feat. Stroke of Brilliance by Essie and Kiko Mizuhara's campaign for SLY winter 2013. 

A totally unplanned video I made with the excess of photos I took of my hands. Disclaimer: This is my first video ever. No judgements.
Also, I do not have a hand fetish. Although this video might make you think otherwise.


Botanical hallucination

Saturday, November 9, 2013

dress- urban renewal
boots- jeffery campbell everly cutouts 

 IMAGINE MY DELIGHT when I found out my school has its own botanical garden!
So many friends have said their favorite thing about campus is walking around and seeing nothing but sunshine and endless blue skies, but on those 
days when you just need to be a socially reclusive grump and escape from the bustle, this place is golden. 

Endless dark, entwining vines weave in and out of forests of lush tropical trees and bamboo sprouts. Look up high above, and speckled streams of hazy white light break through seamlessly. It's so quiet here, its hard to believe this place is LA. Coming here in the early morning (that's 10 am in college time) turns even overworked, Oscar the grouch- students into a more functional, less high strung  version of themselves. And that's always important.

Now back to stomping around campus in my little black daisy dress and white cut-outs without a care in the world, while Sia's 
album "Some People Have REAL problems" plays in the background! 


photo essay: white roses

Sunday, November 3, 2013

AFTER BONDING OVER our love for kiko, nylon, and voluptuous, insanely image packed Japanese magazines, lovely homegirl 
Cat from down the hall let me borrow the latest issue of Vivi <3 Sadly, after two years of reading virtually nothing in Japanese,  I can only make
 out about one in every five kanji characters. 

Nevertheless the photos are gorgeous, and the spread featured here is what every Sunday morning should entail.
Wishes for a day of recovery from post-Halloween shenanigans,  bad Chinese take-out, and ping pong balls. Have a great week!


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