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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

images via tumblr 

SHOUT OUT TO the many little minions running around right now on campus (and my friends in SF holla), but I'm feeling 
slightly more darkly mystical this Halloween.  Alluring, enchanting, mysterious, and witchy, these are the main elements of my inspiration board for 
the end of October. 

Halloween unfortunately coincides with midterm week here, which gives a whole other meaning to the term 'hell week'. But that doesn't mean 
I'm going to stay in my room and wither away.

Orphan girl costume [x]
Brilliantly quirky/horrific/charming costume.... [forever in the works]

We'll see what this year brings! 

Tell me what you're doing on the 31st this year!
happy fright night



  1. As you have stated, so many minions have been knocking on our door this halloween, so going grunge on the 31st is totally refreshing. Hope I see you in cut-out boots and all-black when you blog about your costume!

  2. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  3. love this post, great inspiration.


  4. We don't do Halloween over here in the Netherlands, but I would love to join in and dress up :-) I love the picture of the room with the beautiful door and windows. I which my house would look this stylish one day

  5. These are some lovely inspirations and love that photo of you

    Ali of Dressing Ken



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