Bohemian Spirit

Friday, October 18, 2013

Three things I will perpetually be obsessed with:   

Green tea ice frappes,  lorde, and the perfect white gauzy top, practically a staple if you live in little ms sunshine LA.  My friends refer
 to this shirt as my "world art and culture top", which I do tend to only wear on Tuesdays and Thursday oddly... Anyway, this is the first time I've had the dorm room to myself since I've moved here, and as I revert to my only-child state of being alone but not necessarily lonely, I'm finally spending some quality (and much needed) me time! So... college. These are my classes now, and long story short, I really do love them:

Intro to World Art and Culture
Design and Media Culture 
Textiles of the World 

Between stealing pineapples from the dining hall, photographing obese squirrels, planning museum events, writing for the paper, and oh yea- attending classes, everyday is an adventure in itself. 

Listening to: Bravado- Lorde




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