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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

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SHOUT OUT TO the many little minions running around right now on campus (and my friends in SF holla), but I'm feeling 
slightly more darkly mystical this Halloween.  Alluring, enchanting, mysterious, and witchy, these are the main elements of my inspiration board for 
the end of October. 

Halloween unfortunately coincides with midterm week here, which gives a whole other meaning to the term 'hell week'. But that doesn't mean 
I'm going to stay in my room and wither away.

Orphan girl costume [x]
Brilliantly quirky/horrific/charming costume.... [forever in the works]

We'll see what this year brings! 

Tell me what you're doing on the 31st this year!
happy fright night


Happily Everly After

Saturday, October 26, 2013


-Jeffrey Campbell Everly Cutout Boot-

I AM LIKE A KID in a candy store that is Nasty Gal's shoe selection. Mouth agape, skipping, or rather scrolling down the isles, fully content and just a little bit irrational.  These are the boots I've had my eye on for months now, and needless to say, I've finally caved in!

I guess we can call this my last self- gifted present for a long, long time. 
Topshop, please pack your bags and relocate your store for the sake of my wallet. Those who remain humble and relatively unaffected amidst 
the materialistic urban jungle that is L.A, deserve a quick high-five and head nod for their efforts. 
Also, my first time shooting on campus! Isn't it a beauty :')


Bohemian Spirit

Friday, October 18, 2013

Three things I will perpetually be obsessed with:   

Green tea ice frappes,  lorde, and the perfect white gauzy top, practically a staple if you live in little ms sunshine LA.  My friends refer
 to this shirt as my "world art and culture top", which I do tend to only wear on Tuesdays and Thursday oddly... Anyway, this is the first time I've had the dorm room to myself since I've moved here, and as I revert to my only-child state of being alone but not necessarily lonely, I'm finally spending some quality (and much needed) me time! So... college. These are my classes now, and long story short, I really do love them:

Intro to World Art and Culture
Design and Media Culture 
Textiles of the World 

Between stealing pineapples from the dining hall, photographing obese squirrels, planning museum events, writing for the paper, and oh yea- attending classes, everyday is an adventure in itself. 

Listening to: Bravado- Lorde


Photo Diary: sunday morning

Sunday, October 13, 2013

 Sunday Morning, early dawning

FIRST, LET'S ALL TAKE a moment of silence for my lovely plant, Alejandro (a name inspired by my floor mates) that has 
since shriveled into a crackly old man of a plant. Alejandro has seen better times, but I am doing my best tor resurrect him! How typical of a college student 
am I...  Next, I'll apologize for my lack of posts, but my first weeks here in LA have undoubtedly been the fastest, most ceaseless three weeks of my life. In such a wonderful way. There's so much to do here on campus, not to mention the greater LA, and between springing around from clubs to schoolwork to events, there's hardly a spare moment to just sit still and reflect. 

Here are a few moments from my first week of school: a little room decor with my favorite reads,
reunited with girls from way back in Huckleberry cafe in Santa Monica, and finding time to finally dig into Colette's The Vagabond.

More soon!

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