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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WHEN MUSE AND FOREVER girl crush Alexa Chung is involved with a brand such as madewell, you know that
 although it is utterly unaffordable for the perpetually broke college student, it won't stop you from lusting after their catalog month after month!
Maybe its the simplicity of it all, or the boy meets girl aspect, maybe its the me I wish to emulate in my mid twenties as I stroll around
the brick and ivy brownstones in west village on my bicycle. Yep. Girl can dream.

Here, I've dumped a few essentials from the day onto my bed- American Apparel vintage sunnies, agenda, dslr, and the most
vital item in keeping my sanity- a box of very dark, very glorious chocolates from my friend Alan! 


This is the first time I've shown the new bedspread I got for the dorm room, so here's a little peek...
I'm loving the tomboyish simplicity from the catalog's last page, contrasted against the
bohemian spread. Snapped this quite on the whim as you can see from the bright pink polka dot bathrobe peeking out in the bottom corner... 
something's gotta fit when you're a professional chocoholic! 



  1. your bedspread is so cute! i love the shots of your sunglasses and everything on them.

    lindsey louise

  2. Your photos always look so picturesque!!!! <3
    I love them omg <3

    And your bedspread is soo cute x

  3. really love this! those sunglasses are beautiful!

  4. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:

  5. Love the pictures and the winter pieces!!!

  6. I love Alexa too and those sunnies! I'm following you btw, thanks for passing by my blog :)

  7. great inspiration!



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