Dorm Room Inspiration

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AFTER TWO PLUS YEARS spent scavenging the depths of virtually every source of inspiration I know- 
from print and textile books to local greenhouses, and libraries with rotating bookshelves and cabinporn via tumblr... not to mention countless dorm 
room tour videos (please, no more zebra print...) the time has finally come- I'm moving into my new home for the year this friday!
The next step is now turning the influx of ideas floating around in my head into a reality. This is the closest I've been to living independently, and 
as much as I'll miss the childhood quirks I'm used to,  (oh those Britney and Aaron Carter cd's) it's time to fill my little dorm room to the brim with 
new memories, and great designs, sans the rotating bookshelf (for now!)

A few room decor favorites : 
  • plants and succulents (and lots of them) - they instantly brighten up the room and rejuvenate spirits. And let's face it, the fact that they're practically self sufficient means they're made for college students  
  • wall art, posters, and photos- film, prints, frames, polaroids, photo booth strips, the ways to arrange photos are limitless & they instantly add a personal touch to the room
  • I'm taking several of my favorite books in the world to college, and when they aren't being re-read for the 15th time, they'll act as perfect decor, and have sentimental value in the room. 
  •  command hooks: I've never actually used them before, but they're the only alternative to using a thumbtack and destroying the wall, so I have high hopes! I'm thinking of propping my black fedora on the wall with the hook, which turns it into a closet space saver too
  •  bed spread- it's the focal point of the teeny tiny room, so whether its a crisp white or a graphic print, I would choose something that won't dull down with time

I'll add more tips and photos once I actually settle into my dorm and decorate it the way I've envisioned!

Inspiration from: 
emmylinnea (photo 4)
free people
natalieoffduty (photo 5)


  1. Hi dear, these are great and practically chic ideas!

  2. I know having an entire dorm room to decorate for yourself is very overwhelming, so it makes things a little lighter when you have ideas. Can't wait for a feature about your new room!

  3. you have great ideas there, cant wait to see the result! i sure need the inspiration been in a rut living in an old rented flat :( good luck on the moving in x

  4. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  5. Really love the way the plants open up a room. Now I'm inspired too.



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