diy photobooth : Americana

Sunday, September 29, 2013

AMONG THE FIRST ITEMS on my endless bucket list of "things to do in San Francisco before saying goodbye 
to my city forever (aka college)" was to check out as many photobooths in the city as possible. But because this is a bucket list, and because we are us, this little dream, though sweet in theory never turned into a reality. That is, until I realized just last week, how easily a collection of favorite photos could be hand crafted into a collage with the effects of a photo booth- right at home.

I put together three of my favorite photos that win's mom took of us on fourth of july this year, then
tweaked the colors to capture that vintage feel. My favorite aspect was that I was free to write little sentimental captions and add a more personal touch of writing to the photo strip to make it seem less digital. 

So my last goodbye to San Francisco ended up being something of nostalgia and creativity- 
what better way to pay tribute to the beat-meets-start up city?




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