diy photobooth : Americana

Sunday, September 29, 2013

AMONG THE FIRST ITEMS on my endless bucket list of "things to do in San Francisco before saying goodbye 
to my city forever (aka college)" was to check out as many photobooths in the city as possible. But because this is a bucket list, and because we are us, this little dream, though sweet in theory never turned into a reality. That is, until I realized just last week, how easily a collection of favorite photos could be hand crafted into a collage with the effects of a photo booth- right at home.

I put together three of my favorite photos that win's mom took of us on fourth of july this year, then
tweaked the colors to capture that vintage feel. My favorite aspect was that I was free to write little sentimental captions and add a more personal touch of writing to the photo strip to make it seem less digital. 

So my last goodbye to San Francisco ended up being something of nostalgia and creativity- 
what better way to pay tribute to the beat-meets-start up city?


Dorm Room Inspiration

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

AFTER TWO PLUS YEARS spent scavenging the depths of virtually every source of inspiration I know- 
from print and textile books to local greenhouses, and libraries with rotating bookshelves and cabinporn via tumblr... not to mention countless dorm 
room tour videos (please, no more zebra print...) the time has finally come- I'm moving into my new home for the year this friday!
The next step is now turning the influx of ideas floating around in my head into a reality. This is the closest I've been to living independently, and 
as much as I'll miss the childhood quirks I'm used to,  (oh those Britney and Aaron Carter cd's) it's time to fill my little dorm room to the brim with 
new memories, and great designs, sans the rotating bookshelf (for now!)

A few room decor favorites : 
  • plants and succulents (and lots of them) - they instantly brighten up the room and rejuvenate spirits. And let's face it, the fact that they're practically self sufficient means they're made for college students  
  • wall art, posters, and photos- film, prints, frames, polaroids, photo booth strips, the ways to arrange photos are limitless & they instantly add a personal touch to the room
  • I'm taking several of my favorite books in the world to college, and when they aren't being re-read for the 15th time, they'll act as perfect decor, and have sentimental value in the room. 
  •  command hooks: I've never actually used them before, but they're the only alternative to using a thumbtack and destroying the wall, so I have high hopes! I'm thinking of propping my black fedora on the wall with the hook, which turns it into a closet space saver too
  •  bed spread- it's the focal point of the teeny tiny room, so whether its a crisp white or a graphic print, I would choose something that won't dull down with time

I'll add more tips and photos once I actually settle into my dorm and decorate it the way I've envisioned!

Inspiration from: 
emmylinnea (photo 4)
free people
natalieoffduty (photo 5)

essentially yours

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

WHEN MUSE AND FOREVER girl crush Alexa Chung is involved with a brand such as madewell, you know that
 although it is utterly unaffordable for the perpetually broke college student, it won't stop you from lusting after their catalog month after month!
Maybe its the simplicity of it all, or the boy meets girl aspect, maybe its the me I wish to emulate in my mid twenties as I stroll around
the brick and ivy brownstones in west village on my bicycle. Yep. Girl can dream.

Here, I've dumped a few essentials from the day onto my bed- American Apparel vintage sunnies, agenda, dslr, and the most
vital item in keeping my sanity- a box of very dark, very glorious chocolates from my friend Alan! 


This is the first time I've shown the new bedspread I got for the dorm room, so here's a little peek...
I'm loving the tomboyish simplicity from the catalog's last page, contrasted against the
bohemian spread. Snapped this quite on the whim as you can see from the bright pink polka dot bathrobe peeking out in the bottom corner... 
something's gotta fit when you're a professional chocoholic! 


Never seen a diamond in the flesh

Saturday, September 7, 2013

AFTER WATCHING the newest Woody Allen Flick, Blue Jasmine (which happens to take place in our lovely city) at the Clay theater,
we found ourselves heading straight through a stream of dusky sunlight on our way home.   

If one neighborhood doesn't need golden hour to look nauseatingly stunning, it's the Pac Heights district, where a single mansion spans the
entire block and bad views are virtually nonexistent. Every crowded city has both ends of the spectrum, but it never ceases to amaze me that a few
minutes drive can make a world's of difference in San Francisco. 
 But as the Lorde song goes, "that kind of lux just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of buzz", 
and cadillacs are only for our dreams... 


since the morning sun

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A collection of photos I've taken this month+found floating around online +kiko. All my favorites!

TOMORROW MARKS the two week countdown until I leave for LA, so this means I'm finally organizing all my photos
and creating collages that I can hang in my tiny but *fingers crossed* cozy new dorm room. 

Also found this amazing song on soundcloud the other day. It's got a beautiful beginning, then the dark and moody vibes kick in. Right up my alley.

tunnel vision part 2

Sunday, September 1, 2013

 These are the photos I shot of Win last week. 
We aren't pro's by any means, but we've done this together quite a few times already, and it even though we always start off in a state of initial 
awkwardness (our derp hands, our old lady tendencies), it quickly melts away and we have the 
best experiences through the lens!


tunnel vision

THESE ARE THE PHOTOS we shot a week ago, in the middle of the Peace in the Park spiritual festival at golden gate park. 
We were half lost to the world while exploring the tunnel. There's something so intense about the contrast between a tunnel's dark mystery and the
lighting it emulates on the other side. One way, you're a lost shadow to the camera and the other you're surrounded by the
 most incredible light you've ever seen. 

I hardly ever choose to use monochrome but I thought the contrast worked here...


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