Getty museum, LA

Monday, August 19, 2013

 DAY ONE PHOTO DIARY of the little road trip my family took down to LA two weeks ago. This was the day before university orientation, and since it was the only full day I had with my parents, I let them take me wherever, which quite predictably led to a full day of museum hopping.  
Not that I minded at all, each museum was absolutely unique in its own. 

Below is "Japan's Modern Divide" Exhibit at the Getty, which covered realism and surrealism through photography. My favorite work in the collection- 
and the one that really made me stop and think for a long while was "The Man Who Went Too Far" by Kansuke Yamamoto. He photographed himself transforming into shards of broken glass over a series of five photos. A car shines its headlights in the background of the dark alley, illuminating the transparent broken glass in the center. It was conceptually so stunning that I had to whip out my notebook and hastily jot down my reaction, which I'm now glad I did, because I can barely find anything about it online. 

Just being in the Getty is incredible though- the way the bright white light floods in through the floor-ceiling length windows, and the panoramic view of LA outside makes it worth visiting for the atmosphere alone.
Oh and the best part? It's free:)

Also on a side note- the photo above is the first one I've ever uploaded from my new-ish iphone5.
And I can now reluctantly understand why slr's have been neglected for the convenience of an iphone, because the quality is pretty impressive! Meh.
Anyhow, the bright cheeriness of Southern California is always such a massive but welcome change from San Francisco and driving into LA with Foster the People's "I would do anything for you" and one of my favorite HK blogger's fashiononymous vlogs playing added to the good vibes.
And to think that this will be my norm soon enough! But there's a small part of me that feels like there is only so much California sun I can take before I want to be consumed once again by white mist, fuzzy socks, and down parkas.



  1. Love the photos! Hope you had fun visiting the museums :)

  2. OMG Zoe Suen's videos also give me the good (or great, even) vibes! <3
    Love the photos xx

  3. Must be reaally nice to go on a road trip and spend some time with your parents! :D
    I hope you are having fun at school.

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    cassandra xx

  4. wow!! Gorgeous photos!! How I wish to be in LA!

  5. Love the pictures,
    Claudia xx

  6. My slr has been neglected too :( damn iPhones!

    Your blog is so lovely, your pictures are so dreamy.



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