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Saturday, August 31, 2013

afterlife boutique glasses, zara blouse, bdg cutoffs

Just a quick snap for the day! 
Between editing, creating, attempting to clean, and semi-hyperventilating about 
university, I haven't had many spare moments to update the blog, but I'm finally sitting down later today 
and hopefully churning out a number of shoots we've been working on. 

Have a great weekend lovely people


Inspiration Board : Vanish Everyday

Monday, August 26, 2013

YOU GUYS KNOW how important a daily dose of music is for the mind and body- the way a simple song can have such an incredible
effect on your outlook that day; how an artist can completely influence the day ahead, or the hours that have gone by.
Beach House will always be one of my favorite bands, and even though we watched them live many months ago, the way they performed
"New Year's" is still fresh on my mind. When I play the track at home, I can feel its energy and pulse in every vertebrae, as if my heart is so full it can't contain itself. And thankfully it doesn't have to, because it was a shared experience, and that's really what's most special about live performances. So many anonymous people all connected by pure vocals and luminous surroundings.  Every time I play this song, that feeling comes alive again.

Now leaving you with some weekly inspiration from my tumblr as I start sorting through our weekend shoot!

"New Year" - Beach House

All I wanted comes in colors

Vanish everyday
I keep these promises these promises
Stranger things will come before you
Always out of the way
We keep these promises these promises

Can you call it

See it coming
Just enough to tell a story bout a
Portrait of a young girl waiting for a new year

All you ever wanted

Is it getting away
Visions of a feeling
The footsteps at bay
You were getting stronger
Memories again
Now you're open wider
It's better this way

Can you call it

See it coming
Just enough to tell a story bout a
Portrait of a young girl waiting for the ending of an era


samedi matin

Saturday, August 24, 2013

 floral blouse- zara
sweater and shorts- bdg 
sunnies- afterlife boutique, sf

I'VE BEEN A LITTLE too frantic these past few days, especially at night when an influx of ideas threaten to keep me in a state of sleep deprivation for life. The feeling that your mind is scattered, when its neither here nor there, and you can't seem to focus on anything, or at least on the important things. It's forgetting to let go, and becoming consumed with wanting to do everything, and as a result getting nothing accomplished.
This Saturday morning, I'm slowing down and omitting the distractions, 
and in doing so, am finally taking a closer look at the fragments already around me.

And listening to one of the most beautiful soundtracks I know: 

Dustin O'Halloran for Like Crazy: 
"I carry you with me"
"Departures N1" 
"We float"  

What's that? Yes... she has finally caved and made an instagram: jrustiga#.


Getty museum, LA

Monday, August 19, 2013

 DAY ONE PHOTO DIARY of the little road trip my family took down to LA two weeks ago. This was the day before university orientation, and since it was the only full day I had with my parents, I let them take me wherever, which quite predictably led to a full day of museum hopping.  
Not that I minded at all, each museum was absolutely unique in its own. 

Below is "Japan's Modern Divide" Exhibit at the Getty, which covered realism and surrealism through photography. My favorite work in the collection- 
and the one that really made me stop and think for a long while was "The Man Who Went Too Far" by Kansuke Yamamoto. He photographed himself transforming into shards of broken glass over a series of five photos. A car shines its headlights in the background of the dark alley, illuminating the transparent broken glass in the center. It was conceptually so stunning that I had to whip out my notebook and hastily jot down my reaction, which I'm now glad I did, because I can barely find anything about it online. 

Just being in the Getty is incredible though- the way the bright white light floods in through the floor-ceiling length windows, and the panoramic view of LA outside makes it worth visiting for the atmosphere alone.
Oh and the best part? It's free:)

Also on a side note- the photo above is the first one I've ever uploaded from my new-ish iphone5.
And I can now reluctantly understand why slr's have been neglected for the convenience of an iphone, because the quality is pretty impressive! Meh.
Anyhow, the bright cheeriness of Southern California is always such a massive but welcome change from San Francisco and driving into LA with Foster the People's "I would do anything for you" and one of my favorite HK blogger's fashiononymous vlogs playing added to the good vibes.
And to think that this will be my norm soon enough! But there's a small part of me that feels like there is only so much California sun I can take before I want to be consumed once again by white mist, fuzzy socks, and down parkas.


august inspiration board

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AND JUST LIKE THAT summer is coming to an end. Long nights spent running around the city blocks, giving in to 2 am pizza cravings, 
couch crashing, and above all, my inescapable wanderlust tendencies are finally being replaced by the reality that i am going to uni. to study. eep.
Thankfully french class in the early morning seems like the best way to work my brain a little while leaving time to soak up 
everything about san francisco I love in a month. 
So a little countdown leading to university departure:
the week 4 bucket list
-legion of honor impressionist exhibit
-read& return library books: on the road and the dante club
-ikea (and meatball) run! try every gorgeous bed & resist every impulse to 
buy the entire store. while shopping for dorm necessities.
- kick ass 2
-go for a late night diner run at a place that serves legit malts and burgers, a place that is 
not mel's to be more specific
- sell clothes at buffalo or crossroads, donate to goodwill, and get rid of the unnecessary!

As always, images above can be found on my inspiration tumblr and pinterest board, since it's seen a spontaneous burst of activity lately.


Sunflower Child

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Just a few more shots from the casual meet up win and i had before I left for LA...

tank- ecote
sunflower skirt- brandy melville
tights- UO

for white light and lazy mornings

Friday, August 9, 2013

I CAN'T IMAGINE a better way to get over a post-travel bug than waking up to homemade granola and berries at 11am. 
It's true that the simpler recipes are the ones that end up both looking and tasting the best, isn't it? From the stress of picking classes and meeting so many other equally excited people in a single day then museum hopping with parents, to experiencing the craziest, dustiest, and most exhilarating outdoor concert I've ever been to with Mon, my weekend in LA for college orientation was an absolute whirlwind. I've never seen so many fuzzy neon boots and electric lighters in my life- yea, that kind of concert. 

 But somewhere between wandering around campus by myself in the early morning haze the day after orientation, and taking in every ivy covered brick building (while foreign tourists photographed the hell out of everything) the realization that I am truly so blessed to be moving to LA and studying at a dream university this fall hit me. And suddenly things started to feel so much more right. 



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