Urban secret garden

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SOMETIMES MY HEART is too hungry for its own good. It wants what it can't have, and it's restless, always restless. 
In this urban city, I constantly long to escape to grassy meadows and that rustic cottage hidden deep in the woods (cabinporn on tumblr isn't helping);
 every weed that protrudes between cracks in the pavement is a source of unintentional beauty. In Italy last summer, my parents saw an old house concealed under a forest of ivy, it's original material barely visible. They thought it was ruining the house and its very foundation, but I was secretly thankful that nature had found a way to intercept civilization. 
Likewise, as soon as day turns to night when I visit the countryside, I'm surrounded by endless rows of hills and expanse, and I feel a small pang of loneliness and a heavy desire for the energy and pulse of the city life. I'm lucky that I found a place like the ones pictured here, a combination of nature 
in a little back alley of my residential area in this crazy city, one than i can escape to sometimes and just be.

Tomorrow I'm going on a roadtrip to LA for college orientation. Cannot believe that this is now a reality, and that in less than two months I'll be living there full time! 
Here are two albums that when discovered, quickly caught and held my attention. 
Do yourself a favor and give them a listen, both the album artworks are as great as the music inside!! 
Last note: It's taking everything in me and more not to add a quote like "not all who wander are lost"... blame the tumblr/lotr junkie within me.

Mini Roadtrip Playlist: 
Daughter 'Still' from the album "If you leave"
 and Pacific Air 'Float' from the album "Stop Talking"



  1. I love your outfit. Your photos are exceptional.
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  2. Cozy outfit! :)


  3. gorgeous pictures. totally in love with your cute outfit ;)

    Love Me to Pieces



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