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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IN LIGHT of the media frenzy and general over-stimulation that only preceded the tragic passing of an actor I spent hours watching in high school, I'm finding myself reaching out for the simpler things in life after a rather emotionally draining weekend.  
Just being with my family and friends, the ones closest to me, means everything right now.

 If I'm sounding slightly melodramatic, it's probably because I've been 1) spending too much time in my own head and 2) spending too much time with Eli. 

 These past few days: Frank Ocean's "Orange" on constant repeat (I believe this is my fourth round, and next time I go to Amoeba records should probably just purchase the physical album...), a family night in- watching one of my absolute old time favorite movies, Little Miss Sunshine, and you know it's a perfect comedy when dad is hysterically laughing and mom is simultaneously crying beside him. Also, stand ups and improvs followed by more late night 
ice cream runs than healthy in sketch parts of town.
When you focus on the simple things in life that make you is just so, so good.

The back story behind these drawings: 
 If you can't decide whether to purchase the items in an overflowing online shopping cart that you potentially could live without, spend a few hours drawing them, and your craving may be fulfilled.
I mean, I love you nastygal, but I can't quite justify spending 175 on another pair of black cutout boots today. Maybe tomorrow. 

I thought the name "barely legal" was kinda catchy-cool
in a "rebel without a cause kind of way" but after aprox. 30 sec of research, i've found that this is instead one of the worst rated movies of all time with a 2.7 on imdb. that's a full 3 points under jersey shore.. i then proceded to view it on google image and...oh. mistake.  



  1. super cute illustration! i must try drawing my shopping urges next time. i do hope they will cure my need to spend money! haha

  2. Love this sketch! <3


  3. Great post! Your blog is very good and interesting! I'm glad if you visit my blog too!:)



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