Nat King Cole on repeat

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'VE SPENT A LITTLE time away from the blog slowly but surely working my way through the massive (Harry Potter-massive) Jobs biography. 
It's funny how the factual, calculated story of Steve Job's life couldn't be more different from Lolita's purely fictional world-
 yet both induce that element of uneasy disbelief, or even disgust- the material fascinates you to the point where the only solution towards 
fulfilling your curiosity is to plunge ahead. 

Mornings are lazy and work has been slow, but Nat King Cole's smooth, jazzy vocals are getting me through these long summer nights!

My mom's new favorite hobby- bakery hopping,  this time from Tartine to La Boulange, cherry blossoms in Berkeley, Christina shooting at Treasure Island, Mediterranean platter+Falafel wraps at Hayes and Kebab, and just a little shopping damage in the mission district.  

 Tomorrow (or today when this is posted) is 4th of July! 
I remember DIY'ing my American flag printed denim shorts like it was yesterday! 
Cannot believe how fast one year has flown by.



  1. beautiful

  2. Beautiful and inspiring photos. You have a really nice blog dear! <3




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