Urban secret garden

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

SOMETIMES MY HEART is too hungry for its own good. It wants what it can't have, and it's restless, always restless. 
In this urban city, I constantly long to escape to grassy meadows and that rustic cottage hidden deep in the woods (cabinporn on tumblr isn't helping);
 every weed that protrudes between cracks in the pavement is a source of unintentional beauty. In Italy last summer, my parents saw an old house concealed under a forest of ivy, it's original material barely visible. They thought it was ruining the house and its very foundation, but I was secretly thankful that nature had found a way to intercept civilization. 
Likewise, as soon as day turns to night when I visit the countryside, I'm surrounded by endless rows of hills and expanse, and I feel a small pang of loneliness and a heavy desire for the energy and pulse of the city life. I'm lucky that I found a place like the ones pictured here, a combination of nature 
in a little back alley of my residential area in this crazy city, one than i can escape to sometimes and just be.

Tomorrow I'm going on a roadtrip to LA for college orientation. Cannot believe that this is now a reality, and that in less than two months I'll be living there full time! 
Here are two albums that when discovered, quickly caught and held my attention. 
Do yourself a favor and give them a listen, both the album artworks are as great as the music inside!! 
Last note: It's taking everything in me and more not to add a quote like "not all who wander are lost"... blame the tumblr/lotr junkie within me.

Mini Roadtrip Playlist: 
Daughter 'Still' from the album "If you leave"
 and Pacific Air 'Float' from the album "Stop Talking"


barely there

Saturday, July 27, 2013

SURROUNDED BY FOG on these hazy summer mornings, when crawling out of cocoon of down is next to impossible, all i want to is laze around, drink tea, and listen to regina spektor and bon iver remixes. Makes me want to capture every little silent moment and surrender to the white light quietly flooding in.


Monday inspiration : flowers in your hair

Monday, July 22, 2013

  early monday inspiration via pinterest

"Flowers In Your Hair" 
The Lumineers

When we were younger we thought

Everyone was on our side
Then we grew a little bit
And romanticized the time I saw
Flowers in your hair
It takes a boy to live
It takes a man to pretend he was there

So then we grew a little and knew a lot

And now we demonstrated it to the cops
And all the things we said
We were self-assured

Cause it's a long road to wisdom

But it's a short one
To being ignored

Be in my eyes

Be in my heart
Be in my eyes
And be in my heart

So now I think that I could

Love you back
And I hope it's not too late cause you're so attractive
And the way you move
I won't close my eyes
It takes a man to live
It takes a woman to make him compromise


Paint this town red

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

IN LIGHT of the media frenzy and general over-stimulation that only preceded the tragic passing of an actor I spent hours watching in high school, I'm finding myself reaching out for the simpler things in life after a rather emotionally draining weekend.  
Just being with my family and friends, the ones closest to me, means everything right now.

 If I'm sounding slightly melodramatic, it's probably because I've been 1) spending too much time in my own head and 2) spending too much time with Eli. 

 These past few days: Frank Ocean's "Orange" on constant repeat (I believe this is my fourth round, and next time I go to Amoeba records should probably just purchase the physical album...), a family night in- watching one of my absolute old time favorite movies, Little Miss Sunshine, and you know it's a perfect comedy when dad is hysterically laughing and mom is simultaneously crying beside him. Also, stand ups and improvs followed by more late night 
ice cream runs than healthy in sketch parts of town.
When you focus on the simple things in life that make you happy...life is just so, so good.

The back story behind these drawings: 
 If you can't decide whether to purchase the items in an overflowing online shopping cart that you potentially could live without, spend a few hours drawing them, and your craving may be fulfilled.
I mean, I love you nastygal, but I can't quite justify spending 175 on another pair of black cutout boots today. Maybe tomorrow. 

I thought the name "barely legal" was kinda catchy-cool
in a "rebel without a cause kind of way" but after aprox. 30 sec of research, i've found that this is instead one of the worst rated movies of all time with a 2.7 on imdb. that's a full 3 points under jersey shore.. i then proceded to view it on google image and...oh. mistake.  


Inspiration board: July

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

IT'S BEEN SOME time since I last posted an inspiration board. My motives are questionable, as I am wasting less time on tumblr, and using this 
new-found energy to watch more cat videos. Thanks Kevin, if you're reading this:)

2. fluorescent adolescent 

3. to the moon and back

4. effervescent city

Currently listening to "Out of My League" by Fitz and the Tantrums: 
Forty days and forty nights
I waited for a girl like you to come and save my life
All the days I waited for you
You know the ones who said I'd never find someone like you

From time to time I pinch myself
Because I think my girl mistakes me for somebody else
And every time she takes my hand
All the wonders that remain become a simple fact

You are out of my league
All the things I believe
You were just the right kind
Yeah, you are more than just a dream
You are out of my league
Got my heartbeat racing
If I die don't wake me
'Cause you are more than just a dream 


Stars in Our Eyes

Friday, July 5, 2013

THE POST FOURTH of July American flag attire might be a bit like white after Labor day (though thankfully who's ever followed that?) but the photos that win's mom took of us were too amusing not to share! This year, partying and catching the fireworks amongst the masses at the wharf didn't seem as appealing as shlumming it at home... And since we already had our cat fix last week at Eli's (make that 4 kittens, 2 cats, 1 puppy),  we instead shot all afternoon while pausing every so often to see what was becoming of a cornrowed, grilled James Franco sleazing it up with the ex-disney chics on screen. Yep. Guilty... if you've seen that movie- what are your thoughts? Some of my favorites I've watched and re-watched lately, I highly recommend all:

The Intouchables
The Heathers
Moonrise Kingdom
Jiro Dreams of Sushi 
Rebel Without a Cause 

Have a great weekend

Nat King Cole on repeat

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'VE SPENT A LITTLE time away from the blog slowly but surely working my way through the massive (Harry Potter-massive) Jobs biography. 
It's funny how the factual, calculated story of Steve Job's life couldn't be more different from Lolita's purely fictional world-
 yet both induce that element of uneasy disbelief, or even disgust- the material fascinates you to the point where the only solution towards 
fulfilling your curiosity is to plunge ahead. 

Mornings are lazy and work has been slow, but Nat King Cole's smooth, jazzy vocals are getting me through these long summer nights!

My mom's new favorite hobby- bakery hopping,  this time from Tartine to La Boulange, cherry blossoms in Berkeley, Christina shooting at Treasure Island, Mediterranean platter+Falafel wraps at Hayes and Kebab, and just a little shopping damage in the mission district.  

 Tomorrow (or today when this is posted) is 4th of July! 
I remember DIY'ing my American flag printed denim shorts like it was yesterday! 
Cannot believe how fast one year has flown by.


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