Mystical summer

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

via locro, originally from Need Supply Co. 

BEAUTIFUL, dark, and above all, mystical images captured by Olivia Malone 
for Need Supply Co.  These photos make me so anxious to start experimenting with mom's old Fuji film camera, think I will finally act upon this tomorrow!
Last photo is by another talented photographer named Alexandra Valenti who I first discovered through free people. No surprise there, as her pictures emulate the free spirit unafraid of discovering new territory...

A$AP Rocky is playing in the background...have no idea how I'm writing this at the same time. 
ANYHOW, I must have been subconsciously inspired by these photos because not long after finding them, I browsed UO's site, and the same color pallet- mints and dark florals- resulted in my shopping cart. Fortunately for my wallet, like most times I fill my online shopping cart, I didn't actually end up buying anything, loading up the cart gave me enough satisfaction. Momentary satisfaction.
Deciding at the moment whether to invest in a new camera that has video or a polaroid camera. Both? Neither? For now I'll be trying out the film camera but I can't deny that I want to delve into the video realm. Although I'm far too late in the youtube game, video editing is something I've always wanted to work on! 

photo by Alexandra Valenti

DIY floral shorts

Saturday, June 22, 2013

 I disappeared for a little while after that updates post, but here's what I've been working on!
The first on my long list of summer DIY's- floral shorts. 
I USED AN old pair of cutoff shorts, sewing material (needle, thread, scissors), and enough printed fabric to cover half the shorts and the butt pocket. The end result: thread weaved in a million different directions, mom's fabric from the 90's put to good use, feeling slightly more domestic.

This was the first time in YEARS I've picked up a needle and thread so the fact that I kept these cutoffs in one piece without sewing the front and back together is good enough for me.


1) Grab a pair of old shorts that need a little revamp and some fabric you have lying around (check the parent's closet for the best prints)
2) Trace the shape of your desired piece(s) of fabric with a pen and cut it out
3) Pin the cut fabric  shorts so it doesn't move, and start sewing! 

Such simple instructions... but I pretty much just experimented by eye so all I can say is have fun and if it's unwearable no harm done, maybe it'll morph into something else! 

Hitting up Valencia for a little bargain hunting and lunch with mom, then heading over to win's for swimming/juicing aka movie fest. 
And tomorrow is the free Ed Sheeran/ Sara Bareilles concert here in SF *-* 
Have a great weekend!


girl crush

Thursday, June 6, 2013

ASTRID, AUDREY, ALEXA, RUMI & KIKO a few of my all time favorite can-i-just-be-you icons! Every time my girl friends and I go out, we always find & compare new additions (from music, film, fashion, park bench, everywhere) to our growing list of girl crushes- one that far exceeds our real life boy crushes. Probably doesn't do much to help the idea our families have that we're all dating each other or something haha. Some of my favorite inspo shots below:

These girls all have uniquely individual looks, but they also share a certain youthful quality- each maintains a sort of innocence & ease, combined with a rawness that can easily be transformed into something edgy and fun. Also, can't forget to add Cara to the mix- though she hardly needs another fan girl! I found most of these photos through pinterest, a platform I resisted for so long, but in the end have fallen victim to. You can find me on pinterest here!
And the list continues...

Also just saw Charade last weekend! Of all the incredible women in the world, my all time favorite icon will always be Audrey Hepburn. Charade was an entertaining movie, but while she was as quirky-charming as ever, so far nothing has surpassed Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany's!  

Who are your girl crushes?!


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