Photo Diary : April in Photos

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April was a total whirlwind of a month- impromptu shoots as well as uber pre-planned events (beach house, electric run), cafe hopping, san cisco concert , foodie-ing around sf, and last but certainly not least, getting accepted into my top three universities! 
I'm glad that will the help of friends I was able to document a decent chunk of it.

So here we go:

EARLIER last month,  my design class took a little tour of CCA (California College of the Arts) 
in the design district of San Francisco. Think: warehouses with beautiful open space, too much facial hair, gourmet cafes, no parking, ... a bit like the Brooklyn of Norcal, at least the Brooklyn I imagine.  

-window shopping bakery style on valencia-

 MID-APRIL, Win and I met up at the infamously over crowded fourbarrel coffee with win. The amount of times we've been there unsuccessfully is a bit depressing, HOWEVER my cafe latte was good enough (and pretty enough) to make up for all the table stealing hipsters.

-no hiding at san cisco concert, electric 5k night run, looking through the SF film fest features -
Now forcing myself to start an essay due tomorrow AM. Bring it, May!



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