Friday, May 17, 2013

THE ONLY THING getting me through these two weeks in the bottomless pit of studying and not studying is the constant reminder that once summer starts, I am officially on my three month hiatus of beautiful nothingness, at least until I start school at a new university in the fall! woo!
But that is ages away, and for now, I am left with 3am essays and massive under-eye bags to prove it.

ENTER MAGESTIC CASUAL station on youtube, my go- to for some of the best background music I've come across on youtube land.  It's a mix of airy electro and eclectic beats,  and a source I can count on at virtually any time throughout the day.

The genres of music I listen to tend to be so inconsistent that when strangers ask me who my favorite artists are, or what my favorite song is I have a mini panic attack before reminding myself that I am not Jennifer Lawrence or some high prof celeb, and no one really cares what song I choose. Natalie from Community channel on youtube did a flawless rendition of this phenomenon I'm talking about here

Anyhow, yes my range of music can do a 180 within minutes- from the incandescent magic of sigur ros to the sweet (by which I mean irritatingly catchy) teenage ramblings of t-swift's "trouble". But majestic has been a constant this month- it's the perfect backdrop as I make up every excuse to do anything but study- hence the 30+ drafts in my blog at the moment. But pas de problème ;)

Check it out! Safe to say, I'm pretty hooked:



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  2. thank you for your lovely comment, I appreciate it!
    Majestic is just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ,can't find good music on my own anymore because I got so addicted to it haha.Good taste!

  3. Okay wow, that sounded amazing.. It's like my ear is eating pizza or something. Thanks for telling the world about this omg xx

  4. Oh my,who wouldn't love this!Well done,babe!



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