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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IT WAS only one post ago that I said I wouldn't/couldn't wear a bold magenta lip out on a normal day. But... self inflicted rules are meant to be broken, and I gave this bright magenta hue a try for during the day, then out to electric run later that night.  More like "run" because there was very little running actually involved in this 5k. I think we got the most exercise simply trying to navigate our way to the event...and make it out of the sketch area of sf in one piece!
Anyway this make up forever lipstick survived all night amidst our dancing and craziness, and even acted as a lip stain the next day. Talk about lasting power. Paired with a simple winged eye, this is a look I'll be revisiting soon enough!

Now wrapping up a long Wednesday with Crazy Stupid Love. That Gosling/ Stone kiss scene in the bar...Gah. This will undoubtedly lead to a medley of other Gosling vids on youtube- fast forward to the "if you're a bird, i'm a bird" clip, ultimately reaching the general consensus that 99% of us still need to feed our 500 cats.

Furry animal love aside, April has been one of the best months of college yet- full of exciting events, a few new friends, and pretty golden times with the old. I'll post a more in depth photo diary of my April adventures soon enough ,but for now, here's a little look back into my month.
I apologize for overusing the peace sign, it's the Japanese kid/pop star within me!

Had a little fun with the drawing tool;) 


  1. That magenta looks really good on you and it sure isn't too bright for over the day!


  2. The lipstick colour is really nice on you, I think it looks fine for normal day wear!

  3. you are gorgeous! <3 lovely blog *



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