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Friday, May 31, 2013

FINALLY THE last of our rooftop photos! 
Too excited over the prospect of winning free tickets to a pretty damn incredible concert
tomorrow night... don't want to jinx for fear we won't get it (even though we plan to camp 
out all. day. long. But hey, it's free!  
This summer is turning out to be the summer of freedom... and free things.


From Across the Bay

Monday, May 27, 2013

A FEW PHOTOS I shot of lovely Julie at treasure island this past Saturday.
The wind was killer, but this girl was such a trooper!

listening to: "if i ever feel better"- phoenix


Inspiration Board: voyage à paris!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

feat. crystal renn, kiko mizuhara, florentin glemarec
FOUND these two separate shots of kiko on my dash at different times- don't think they're related at all, but they're so harmonious together, I immediately had to pair them. This month, I've been caught up in a dreamy yet exuberant world, of hazy mornings and electric summer nights, ready to jet set and take off into the unknown. An unplanned adventure in the city of lights, streets brimming with possibilities. Staring out the windows of trains, tall buildings and taller trees zooming by in a blur of nothingness, feet carelessly kicked up against old fashioned luggage. 

-all images here-

Scenes from paris...
and a random of NYC's central park thrown into the mix.  The urban shots inspire me to
continue my hunt for the unique corners of San Francisco- namely the rooftops.
Still have a few to share from our little adventure a few weeks back. Here's to further exploring the city this summer!

She had absolutely nowhere else to go

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

 "In the gay town of Lepingville I bought her four books of comics, a box of candy, a box of sanitary pads, two cokes, 
a manicure set, a travel clock with a luminous dial, a ring with a real topaz, a tennis racket, roller skates with white high shoes, field glasses, 
a portable radio set, chewing gum,a transparent raincoat, sunglasses, some more garments- swooners, shorts, all kinds of summer frocks. 
At the hotel we had separate rooms, but in the middle of the night she came sobbing into mine, and we made it up very gently. 
You see, dear readers, she had absolutely nowhere else to go"

THE LAST WORDS before part II of lolita, right after she's found out her mother has died. It's the perfect example of how hauntingly beautiful Vladmir Nabokov's words are. They make me want to physically shred off the lingering trail that his disturbing scenarios leave;  his text so often sends a little shiver down my spine. I know it won't have that same effect when taken out of context, but all I can say is you need to pick this novel up for yourself, if you haven't already. It's that good. Random side note: Have daft punk's get lucky on repeat, even as I'm writing now, if that lightens up the mood a bit. The mind works in mysterious ways... 


Friday, May 17, 2013

THE ONLY THING getting me through these two weeks in the bottomless pit of studying and not studying is the constant reminder that once summer starts, I am officially on my three month hiatus of beautiful nothingness, at least until I start school at a new university in the fall! woo!
But that is ages away, and for now, I am left with 3am essays and massive under-eye bags to prove it.

ENTER MAGESTIC CASUAL station on youtube, my go- to for some of the best background music I've come across on youtube land.  It's a mix of airy electro and eclectic beats,  and a source I can count on at virtually any time throughout the day.

The genres of music I listen to tend to be so inconsistent that when strangers ask me who my favorite artists are, or what my favorite song is I have a mini panic attack before reminding myself that I am not Jennifer Lawrence or some high prof celeb, and no one really cares what song I choose. Natalie from Community channel on youtube did a flawless rendition of this phenomenon I'm talking about here

Anyhow, yes my range of music can do a 180 within minutes- from the incandescent magic of sigur ros to the sweet (by which I mean irritatingly catchy) teenage ramblings of t-swift's "trouble". But majestic has been a constant this month- it's the perfect backdrop as I make up every excuse to do anything but study- hence the 30+ drafts in my blog at the moment. But pas de problème ;)

Check it out! Safe to say, I'm pretty hooked:


Rooftop illusions

Monday, May 13, 2013

-photos of my friend bryanna by yours truly-
Taken during our rooftop adventures last week. This girl's hair alone deserves its own post!   

that after nineteen years in this city, I'm still discovering beauty in the most unexpected of places.
Another brick wall infused with ivy on bryant street, another tiny cafe tucked into the residential alley not far from bustling valencia.
The inspiration I find here is endless.
I shot these photos with the girls on a rooftop not far from the design district, surrounded by wafts of nauseatingly good scents of freshly baked bread from the factory across the street. Next to us, profiles of film students hunched over their computers, beats from someone's tracks playing on a loop in the distance. Sounds of the city, simple effervescence I can't live without.


Photo Diary : April in Photos

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

April was a total whirlwind of a month- impromptu shoots as well as uber pre-planned events (beach house, electric run), cafe hopping, san cisco concert , foodie-ing around sf, and last but certainly not least, getting accepted into my top three universities! 
I'm glad that will the help of friends I was able to document a decent chunk of it.

So here we go:

EARLIER last month,  my design class took a little tour of CCA (California College of the Arts) 
in the design district of San Francisco. Think: warehouses with beautiful open space, too much facial hair, gourmet cafes, no parking, ... a bit like the Brooklyn of Norcal, at least the Brooklyn I imagine.  

-window shopping bakery style on valencia-

 MID-APRIL, Win and I met up at the infamously over crowded fourbarrel coffee with win. The amount of times we've been there unsuccessfully is a bit depressing, HOWEVER my cafe latte was good enough (and pretty enough) to make up for all the table stealing hipsters.

-no hiding at san cisco concert, electric 5k night run, looking through the SF film fest features -
Now forcing myself to start an essay due tomorrow AM. Bring it, May!

Only for the eyes

Sunday, May 5, 2013

craftsman and wolves, dandelion chocolates sf
Revisited this cafe to pick up a cake for my mom's birthday.  This cafe's aesthetic (let's call it industrial...woodland) matches the quality of their desserts. They are freaking scrumptious, and unfortunately so are the prices. 
Thankfully our eyes can devour what our wallets cannot!

-trying that matcha coconut cake above on my next visit-

-caramelized hazelnut financier above is my all time favorite here!-

 the arrangement and decor here is so beautiful, really well designed

Next on the list: dandelion chocolate shop!
Here's to a great week ahead! Photos from our rooftop shoot soon. 

à la mode

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IT WAS only one post ago that I said I wouldn't/couldn't wear a bold magenta lip out on a normal day. But... self inflicted rules are meant to be broken, and I gave this bright magenta hue a try for during the day, then out to electric run later that night.  More like "run" because there was very little running actually involved in this 5k. I think we got the most exercise simply trying to navigate our way to the event...and make it out of the sketch area of sf in one piece!
Anyway this make up forever lipstick survived all night amidst our dancing and craziness, and even acted as a lip stain the next day. Talk about lasting power. Paired with a simple winged eye, this is a look I'll be revisiting soon enough!

Now wrapping up a long Wednesday with Crazy Stupid Love. That Gosling/ Stone kiss scene in the bar...Gah. This will undoubtedly lead to a medley of other Gosling vids on youtube- fast forward to the "if you're a bird, i'm a bird" clip, ultimately reaching the general consensus that 99% of us still need to feed our 500 cats.

Furry animal love aside, April has been one of the best months of college yet- full of exciting events, a few new friends, and pretty golden times with the old. I'll post a more in depth photo diary of my April adventures soon enough ,but for now, here's a little look back into my month.
I apologize for overusing the peace sign, it's the Japanese kid/pop star within me!

Had a little fun with the drawing tool;) 

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