The Theory of Relativity

Sunday, March 24, 2013

wearing: lace green tank-staring at stars, triangle necklace -UO.  

   Aand spring break has officially started! I want this much awaited one week break to be FUN but not too batshit (just finished reading bossy pants), some where  in the middle between james franco's spring breakers (...) and too much me time (also  the  title of a facebook album dedicated to selfies way back
I am currently making a SoCal roadtrip playlist, which is just about my favorite pastime ever, &
I'll have photo updates of Santa Barbara, Laguna Beach, Ojai, and the remainder of my break in SF in a week or so! Also apologies for the wacked out text in this post. I don't know how it got to the left margin, but I'm too scared to change it.

-listening to: "the theory of relativity" by stars-
Set your mind on mine for the part
Before they catch you baby
And never be just what they want you to be
Now that you’ve grown so wise
Use that head and stop to think a little
Just cause you’re crazy doesn’t mean that you’re free


I climbed a tree to see the world

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 -ditte isager floating beds-
Just a little dreamy inspiration saved for a rainy Wednesday like today.
Dedicated to anyone who wants to snuggle deep under the layers of patterns &pillows
in the middle of a misty fairy forest because it's damn finals week (or simply because it's only Wednesday), I feel ya!
 listening to "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra

Wanderlust : Italy photo diary part 2

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring break is just around the corner
and instead of addressing my English midterm essay prompt, I'm reliving my last summer in Italy via iphoto. Yep, really feeling the travel bug right now. 

 I've been watching an abundant amount of EF (education first) promotional videos for studying abroad in foreign countries, so that might explain the text overlay in the first photo:) 

I remember taking that photo my first night in Venice aboard a little ferry boat on the way to our hotel. It was dark &drizzly, but tons of people were still drinking, laughing, and enjoying life in true Italian spirit.
Europe, I miss you.

stunning candle lit church in venice


Spring Awakening

Monday, March 4, 2013

This past weekend, I went on a bit of a makeup binge. 
At least according to my usual makeup mindset- that 9/10 times, less is more. This weekend, however,  I treated myself to some relatively higher end purchases- arguably all essential every day products... especially the urban decay. How could I say no ;)

1. bumble and bumble super rich conditioner 
2. eyeko london black liquid liner
3. smashbox concealer in light
4. makeup forever HD primer 
5.  urban decay's naked nail polish set 

I've used each of these products aproximately once so this review isn't exactly scientific, but overall I'm happy and impressed with these purchases! 
Starting with the meh- Bumble and bumble has been on my radar for years, and after spotting it at sephora, I finally gave in. First off- the state of my hair is abysmal. It's dry, brittle, just generally dead looking. I have to admit, as excited as I was to try the conditioner, my hair didn't end up looking very different at all. Possibly a bit shinier, but then again, that could be the placebo effect. Second let down- the smashbox concealer. Its consistency was a dream in sephora, but upon opening the bottle this morning, it literally dribbled out of its tube, leaving a runny, unappealing mess. I'm giving it another chance, but if the same thing happens, back to the store it goes. 

On a brighter note, I'm absolutely loving the eyeko black liquid liner - it glides on so effortlessly, and has great staying power. And finally, without a doubt my best splurge was the Naked nail polish set. The colors are phenomenal- they're your basic warm tones with a little extra something. That glittery black shade on the right is begging to be taken for a night out!

       -the view from my friend's college apartment at UC berkeley -

have a lovely week!

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