Winter wonderland

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yosemite Day 1
It's so strange how the terrain outside Yosemite valley is completely dry but the moment you reach some invisible boundary, the world in front of you is suddenly covered in white. Pretty freaking magical.
Now sitting here in the middle of a massive food coma, alternating between michael buble and mackelmore on spotify. How does Christmas always manage to come and go so quickly every year? It is great to be back in San Francisco's mild climate after a holiday in below freezing (but beyond beautiful) Yosemite valley. Now to see how many shots survived numb fingers and snow flurries! 

Christmas might be over, but here's a little inspiration for the remaining winter months:
 Many more winter break photos to come!

How to study for a french final

Saturday, December 15, 2012

I don't know how you all study for finals, but this is how I do it!   

Obviously the rainbow macaroons, prancing models (best stick to modeling), and love letters delivered by little blue toy boats aren't enough, which brings me to this extra bit of motivation. Here's an interview that I happily revisit every time a french quiz comes up:


Sigh...the only thing better than procrastinating is writing about it. 
Good luck to everyone with exams coming up! 
(resisting the urge to click Jgl's snl monologue...again... friggin youtube thumbnails) 

white brick and ivy

Monday, December 3, 2012

the loft of all lofts
I know I say this about every interior I find, but THIS loft is really incredible. I love everything about it: the classic white brick walls, organic furniture, hanging plants, Moroccan style pillows, and such a great divider+ bookcase. This loft belongs to Isabel Wilson, a textile designer located in williamsburg. What I would give to have a place like this someday! I'm constantly updating my room and rearranging the artwork/layout even though I won't be here much longer because of university... Still, I'll try to get some personal room photos up sometime! And make time to figure out a new blog layout too:)

Reliving Summer

Saturday, December 1, 2012

the beach called ocean

While cleaning up the plethora of photos on my desktop, I found all these shots (of varying quality) from MONTHS ago... the day before school started I believe! We were so excited for the fall semester to get going. Now it's nearly December, and we're twice as excited for it to end... So in the midst of all things burnt-orange and pumpkin and fall, I'm finally posting these. I miss the cold sand squishing between my toes, and I miss running barefoot to catch the next bus home.
Laughing at how over-edited most of these are. Most of them are screenshots from a music video we made and I think we first discovered the magic of editing around this time... 

 "Wake up
It's a beautiful morning
Honey, while the sun is still shining
Wake up
Would you like to go with me?
Honey, take a run down to the beach"

Those are the lyrics (by the drums) our video was set to. Win told me that the video got muted on youtube, so I imagine we look like super cool running and dancing with our arms flapping around on halftime. All in good fun though! 
 Andd the background has completely disappeared. oops. 


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