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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

creamy pumpkin pie bars
I've been a total recluse at home this weekend, filling out college apps, reading gatsby, and listening to more songs from Red than I care to admit. I spent my Monday off the same way, baking these incredibly decadent bars with the family. These are the autumn sweet of all autumn sweets: creamy pumpkin pie bars that I found on Joy the Baker's blog. You can click here for the recipe!
 Random photos from today: 
It's becoming a bit of a tradition to take autumn pictures with my favorite maple tree, which reminds me of "The survivor tree! It's my favorite tree. And I LIKE trees". 
I really need to give Elizabethtown a second chance.

 -velvet slip on, tights, necklace: uo-
 Black beanie & the perfect glimpse of sequins! via threadscence
Today has been a flurry of awkward scenarios (providing the perfect dramatic reactions to Win's awkward stories that is), library creeps, baking, scheduling, and delirious exhaustion. At work I met one of the fifty french foreign exchange students from Paris. The whole thing was a bit like the unmet expectations scene from 500 days of summer...Beautiful french guy needs help. I forget my entire semester's worth of French and smile like an idiot. But at least he does too. Le sigh.



  1. These look amazing!! As for the french exchange students, lucky you! I would have done the same thing though, even after two years of french class. :)


  2. Those cakes look amazing! Love the blue velvet shoes too!

  3. hahaha you're so cute!! Gotta watch 500 days again :)


  4. This looks DELICIOUS !!!





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