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Saturday, November 17, 2012

-all photos here-
It's Saturday morning now, and I've been listening to "quelqu'un m'a dit" (Carla Bruni) for the past few hours, slowly falling in love with the song. The rain outside isn't easing up but these lyrics have almost transformed the gloominess outside into something lovely. 

My night at the men's fashion show yesterday was spent stocking up on discarded magazines, plotting to steal gourmet mini burgers, and regressing to high school levels of maturity. And of course, dressing the men of the night. I didn't think too much of it before hand because I came straight from school ... and as a result I didn't psyche myself out. Although I probably did hold every pair of pants out at an arm's length. My guy happened to be a happa as well (dead ringer of chanel iman's long lost twin brother), and extroverted enough for the both of us, and the entire room, really. He told me he'd just booked lady gaga's black perfume campaign the week before. I had fun, but I'm realizing that there are many sides of fashion that aren't for me, this being one. As a student, it's a good experience, but I couldn't stand to work backstage 24/7!

the next couple weeks:

exploring & re-exploring this city with mon:)
monday night lit slam 
gatsby themed final fashion show 
french movie marathon with win- paris, je t'aime is first on our list!
not so silent night concert at the oracle arena
 tackle the virgin suicides
skyfall & lotr
new blog design (!)



  1. Inspiring pics!

  2. Wow I can tell you're totally creative and I'm going to follow your blog! Please come say hi and enter my $100 + Jo Malone holiday giveaway! Glad to find a new blog friend!

  3. Amazing pictures collected !!!

    Also love the bracelet !!



  4. I love inspiration boards....they're always so beautiful! Yours especially. Can't wait to see your Gatsby fashions show post...sounds fabulous!

    Couture Caddy x

  5. Lovely photos! My November needs a few more sweaters ;)

  6. These are such beautiful photos! Mood boards can really life a mood. xo

  7. Indeed inspirational! Can't wait for the new blog design!

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