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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

-favorite looks from UO fall 2012 catalog-

School and work have been consuming me lately! And exhaustion isn't a good look on anyone. But I guess that's expected for midterms week! According to my humanities professor, we need a fair balance of both apollo, god of order, and dionysis (euphoria) in our lives, and the later has definitely been lacking in mine. I'm probably the only one that actually listens to the guy's never ending soliloquies, but I am in fact in desperate need of an aha moment. Until then, I'll be re-watching clips of 500 days of summer (mostly that "expectations vs reality" clip, its so accurate!) and other things JGL, stalking lena dunham's twitter (simply the best) and working on sketch after sketch for design.
-rain boot redesign-
a tiny twist on my lace ups

Win and I met up in west portal earlier to catch up and unwind from our hectic schedules. The good: I have to commend starbucks for keeping their cafes up to date and on target with their demographic. As Win said,  each cafe is catered to the neighborhood, but this one (complete with wood- stainless steel, long communal-like tables and dim lighting) actually adds something to an otherwise old-fashioned area. The not so good- indulged in their massively recommended pumpkin spice latte. Turned out to be pretty meh. Back to church street it is!

 -starbucks. haha such a fall cliche-
Also, as my friend mentioned a few weeks back, I'm clearly stuck in a bit of a UO rut over here (although those drawings in their fall catalog are pretty cute, aren't they). With the exception of french, midterms are pretty much over, so this weekend I'm definitely up for some city adventures (helloo haight street!)  



  1. Hope the rest of your midterms went well! Hope you have a good weekend, you definitely sound like you deserve it.

  2. Some nice looks!

  3. styling in the UO catalog is always so awesome, and it makes it tempting to want to buy everything! hahaha.

    your sketch is so amazing! I always love a nontraditional wellie.

    have fun in the haight!

    - Rosa

  4. Hello! I love your blog! Check out my latest post where I nominated you for the Liebster award


  5. Wow your design is incredible! Such an interesting concept :)

  6. i'm in love with this!

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  7. I have amazing blog, I really like it! Pictures are stunning!

  8. beautiful photos :)

    xo Jennifer



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