Italy : Rome Part One

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Italy day 1-
Surprisingly clear headed after a 13 hr plane ride+lost luggage fiasco!
Our day was mostly spent walking around the Forum, marveling at all the gelaterias (so many), and just trying to capture the incredibly detailed ancient remains of Rome.

The never ending line of outdoor eateries.. leading to unique pizzas (to say the least), and people watching- definitely easy on the eyes in Italy! 

Gelato, scenic views, graffiti, ruins, grassy parks, yellow bugs and other tiny cars... add in another few gelato stops (per day that is) and it's no wonder the weeks flew by!  

Rome at Night:

The Spanish steps, made famous by Roman Holiday  

So you've made it to the end...of Part 1 that is! I'm feeling a little dizzy from scrolling up and down these photos for the n-th time, but of course I would give anything to be back in Europe snapping away like a pesky little tourist. But when a city such as Rome is this vibrant, energetic, and picturesque, that's what you get, right? In hindsight, I'm realizing how little people actually make an appearance in these photos- I'll do my best to get in some shots of us in the next batch of Italy pics, more specifically in Florence and Venice (!)


  1. Just found your blog. These pictures are so breathtaking, I feel like I seriously need to pack up my bags and just go to Italy right now.

    I'm def following you now :)

    Chīsana Blogger

  2. Great pics!!!
    I love Rome!!

  3. Fabulous!!
    I haven't been but these pictures give me a great idea of the feel and energy of this city.

  4. This looks amazing. I'm going at the end of September and I'm SO excited. Any must sees?

  5. wow!!! your captures are really breathtaking!!! i went to rome last summer with my best friend and we both adored the city!!!! :))) it's on my favorites list right after paris & london! ^^

    with love, veronika from

  6. aww cute post! i love these photos! they capture the atmosphere so well. ahh i miss Italy- such a gorgeous place!

  7. Loved these pictures too! You really have a great blog, I will come back soon ;)



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