August Inspiration

Saturday, August 25, 2012

 -photos found here-

I've been back in the city for almost two weeks now, and although school work is piling up, and my body is adjusting to full time sleep deprivation mode, I somehow still haven't managed to let go of summer completely. Or at least the essence of it. I've been wearing sandals and shorts for months, even in this below 60 degree weather. But my immune system has finally failed me, as I'm now home with an overflowing trash bin of tissues. Sigh.

On that lovely note, Happy weekend! Have a great one:)

california sunrise

Sunday, August 19, 2012

- anthology magazine, tokyo wooden colored pencils, santa barabara palm trees -

Working out my room re-decor& de-clutterization project! 
Phase 1 is the fun part: desire & sketch. I'm taking rapid visualization this semester, so hopefully I'll learn a thing or two about getting monster ideas out of my head and onto the paper (and fast).

take the sleep from under our california eyes
sitting by the oceanside
waiting for the tide to take us home
to take us all home
-dirty gold 


Lost and Found

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

JULY: thrift finds

Win and I went on a thrifting adventure this past month in the mission and scored big time.  How people give up these amazing things I will never understand. But then again, maybe I wouldn't want to. Here are the things we found, awkward hands and all!

Somehow the most lackluster beach in our city decided to look its best for us on one of the cities foggiest summer days. Our San Francisco summer being the coldest winter Mark Twain supposedly ever spent!  


Italy : Rome Part One

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Italy day 1-
Surprisingly clear headed after a 13 hr plane ride+lost luggage fiasco!
Our day was mostly spent walking around the Forum, marveling at all the gelaterias (so many), and just trying to capture the incredibly detailed ancient remains of Rome.

The never ending line of outdoor eateries.. leading to unique pizzas (to say the least), and people watching- definitely easy on the eyes in Italy! 

Gelato, scenic views, graffiti, ruins, grassy parks, yellow bugs and other tiny cars... add in another few gelato stops (per day that is) and it's no wonder the weeks flew by!  

Rome at Night:

The Spanish steps, made famous by Roman Holiday  

So you've made it to the end...of Part 1 that is! I'm feeling a little dizzy from scrolling up and down these photos for the n-th time, but of course I would give anything to be back in Europe snapping away like a pesky little tourist. But when a city such as Rome is this vibrant, energetic, and picturesque, that's what you get, right? In hindsight, I'm realizing how little people actually make an appearance in these photos- I'll do my best to get in some shots of us in the next batch of Italy pics, more specifically in Florence and Venice (!)

Images of broken light

Monday, August 6, 2012

...which dance before me like a million eyes, they call me on and on across the universe

Italy- Summer 2012
It's about time I started posting up all those Italy photos! 700+ photos and counting...  not complaining though, Italy is one of the most photogenic places I've visited!  The whole sorting &editing process was a little painful (especially for an indecisive like myself), but in a wonderfully nostalgic way. A huge bunch, and i mean HUGE will be up Saturday, so stay tuned!

Don't mind if I do

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

  Don't mind if I do- by shop planet blue:

Dreams so Real
Love this lookbook that planet blue created back in June! Emulates that hazy yet effervescent vibe that summer is all about. Makes me want to blast crystal castles and metric and not have a care in the world. Also, today is my last day as an 18 year old youngin... sounds like a logical mindset to me:)
Hope your summer has been going well!


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