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Monday, June 25, 2012

 -artwork above by the talented danny roberts-

I love reading other people's schedules. The way in which different personalities use limited (or unlimited) hours in a day just somehow fascinated me. I very much doubt that anyone follows such a precise schedule as featured in big glossy zines ... it seems too robotic, too monotonous. Things happen, life happens. I have never once completely followed a pre- written schedule. And that's more than o.k. Schedules are merely what i might wish to accomplish, &will inevitably be twisted and changed by procrastination and sparks of new ideas alike.

Monday, June 25, 2012.

 8:oo  ...  wake up to "part time believer" - boy &bear. get up to "the hours"- beach house.
 8:15  ...  breakfast. green tea and multi-grain waffle with blueberry jam and fresh fruit. mm. 
 9:oo  ...  short hike atop mt. davidson with S. surrounded by a city half consumed in sunlight, and fresh, unpolluted air
12:oo ...  blog roll- catch up on posts!

Wish to accomplish:  finally sit down and start A Tree That Grows in Brooklyn. Haven't felt focused enough to give this book the attention it deserves. Italy scrapbook/ art journal. Work on music festival water colors if time allows! And call R and W  for a much needed catch-up sess.   

*            *          *

I often struggle with finding balance between a well-planned, productive day, and the freedom and spontaneity that youth is or at least should be. Hours pass by, searching fellow friends, bloggers, and artist's sites, just pondering their creations and seemingly inexhaustible energy. Although this time has not been wasted, I have forgotten to create with my own hands. And I again remind myself to produce, not only ingest. Finally in the last several hours, I finish more than I have all day. Then I reflect on the things that I could have/ should have done, and a serious case of if- only's come out like they only can at 2am. And so much time is wasted on these what-if's. People say to forget the past, presumably the negative aspects, and constantly move forward, but what are we without our past? And so the night ends with wondering and dreaming and thoughts of yesterday and tomorrow.  

This is just the way life is.

“Then indecision brings its own delays,
 And days are lost lamenting over lost days.
 Are you in earnest? Seize this very minute;
 What you can do, or dream you can do, begin it;
 Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

-John Anster, 1835           


  1. Often I wake up with the best intentions or plans for my day and end up getting taken on a completely different journey (this has been especially true lately!). I find that sometimes those days are the most exciting (as long as life's responsibilities are still getting done!)

    -Alexis of North On Harper

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  3. the illustration is soooooooo beautiful :D :D


  4. Amazing post. Your blog is great. I totally love it!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  5. Beautiful post and words! Hmm, where are we indeed without our past... as long as we can learn and grow from a positive aspect it's all good. It's funny that I should pop over when you've written this as like to be productive with my days, right now I can't believe we're heading into July! Where has the year gone?

  6. such a beautiful painting

  7. Gorgeous work!




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