"She doesn't enter your world... You enter hers. "

Monday, May 28, 2012

  summer. finally summer.
I cannot believe that school is already over! I mean I've essentially been waiting for this moment since this semester started, but now that summer is here it feels absolutely surreal. 
Does every year past faster as you get older? 

 We wanted to take every bougainvillea (def just spell checked that) vine home, especially the magenta ones 

its hard to do these pretty flowers justice sometimes...  

Down in the valley
This past Sunday was spent at a gorgeous nursery just outside the city. We only had about an hour to look around- definitely not enough time to take in the fairytale setting. The stained glass window above was my favorite part- it just gave the place such a rustic feel. Getting away from the city is so very necessary sometimes. Which is precisely what I'm doing again in two days- only this time all the way to Italy! I will definitely be documenting every aspect of the trip, so after a three week hiatus (unless I have computer access there) look out for a travel diary! 

  ~Arrivederci, amico mio

 soaking up the sun... 
I've never been a hat person, but i recently found the perfect white hat from pines& needles. new summer staple perhaps!
...flowers that look strangely like leaves? 
gorgeous herb garden! I want one... 
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angus& julia stone 
the black keys
beach house 
jason mraz

"Mockingbirds are the true artists of the bird kingdom. Which is to say, although they’re born with a song of their own, mockingbirds aren’t content to merely play the hand that is dealt them. Like all artists, they are out to rearrange reality.”
Tom Robbins

The Girl with Pink Hair

Saturday, May 12, 2012

wonderland magazine

Random editorial eye candy for you!  From winter of last year I believe.. which might as well be another decade in the fashion world, but just felt the urge to post this. Loving the psychedelic prints and that intense& brooding stare.  I kid you not, I've actually woken up smiling one morning after having a dream that my hair was dyed 3 different colors: purple tips, fuschia body, and white blonde bleached hair at the top. It takes a certain kind of girl to pull off a look like that. And since the most drastic thing I've ever done to my hair is get like 6in chopped off+ bangs I'm probably not the best candidate...yet. I hope somewhere in my lifetime I have the courage to do something completely different to my hair. We buy new clothes for our body, why should our hair be deprived right? 
These past few days I've definitely been feeling the drained state that often accompanies finals week, so songs like below seem to appropriately match my lovely mood. "Never let me go" -Florence& the machine, "I can't make you love me"-Bon Iver, "Yellow light"- Of monsters and men, " A walk"-Tycho, and " White shadows"-Coldplay work wonders.

"Feet don't fail me now, take me to the finish line... 
Walking through the city streets
Is it by mistake or design?
I feel so alone on a Friday night
Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you're mine.

Come and take a walk on the wild side
Let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain
You like your girls insane
Choose your last words
This is the last time
Cause you and I, we were born to die

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