Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Free People in Vietnam

Free People March 2012 

No words for this issue... it is quite possibly my favorite fp travel-shoot yet, and that's really saying a lot because they have had some incredible concepts in the past. Their Venice, Morocco, and more recently the L.A vs N.Y  shoot are among my all time favorites, but the colors& overall culture they captured in Vietnam... just perfect. Definitely makes me want to go on some epic travel journey with friends. 
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Random little things: Rain rain and more rain in this city. Perfect midterm study weather I suppose:) My film midterm is done, have an art&color midterm tomorrow, and English+Hist. of Photography next Monday. Spring break in two weeks-can't lose focus now! I was filling out a few q's. I was recently tagged to do, and one of the questions was ''which t.v shows are your favorites''? This basic of all basic questions made me think a bit because tv (media in general) is so influential in our society, yet there aren't any shows going on right now that I would say I'm proud to be a fan of. Well Modern family as a fun little doc- comedy, sure. But Cw that I used to watch almost religiously in middle school and early high school just makes my head hurt now. Gotta admit, I'm guilty of still watching Glee although the plot lines are ridiculous- pretty much just to see how Seb/Kurt/Blaine dynamic plays out;) On a side note, my Women in film class has definitely given me a lot to think about. Feminism in general is a completely new topic for me, and I'm glad to be exploring it week by week!

Song of the day: "Here's to us" Halestorm. Love. 


  1. loved that lookbook.
    all the bright colors just add so much culture to these looks.
    so in love

    xo kaitlin

  2. Beautiful photos ! Love all the bright shorts
    new outfit post

  3. Love the relaxing outfits!


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  5. amazing photos!

  6. These photos are stunning! Theyreally show off the clothes, and the location to perfection - thank you for sharing!

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    Lovely photos :D ***

  9. i like thr whole vibe of the the clothes are amazing!!!

  10. awsome photos!! this style is so adorable =)
    and also the country is just amazing :D

  11. This is a wonderful issue.. being shot amidst such location n crowd!! Beautiful :)

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my Blog <3

    New post is up :)



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