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Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Friday! 
Classes are finally over, I'm sitting at the apartment peeling my favorite blood oranges from the farmer's market, also in proximity of dark chocolates, green tea, and Devandra Banhart (only via spotify sadly). It's a good feeling.

Today, I just wanted to share a fun little interview that I did with Instantly Framed, a photo framing company. The lovely team asked me several questions about photography, life in LA-SF-NYC, and my favorite cafe's. Check it out here!

Last note: If you happen to be looking for some simple but elegant photo frames for decor, you can use "canvasofculture10" on Instantly Framed to get a $10 discount until May 3!



Monday, February 16, 2015

 Neighbor Menswear, Vancouver
 True Fall 2014 Editorial 

Last summer, I visited Vancouver menswear store, Neighbor in Gastown. I recently chanced upon their Fall '14 look book, and I love the subtle photography and styling. The hints of forest green, turquoise, dark emerald, whatever you might call it on the spectrum of blue-green, it's gorgeous. The weather's been strange in LA- on the verge of spring, intolerably hot some afternoons, then crisp and breezy on others. There's nothing that defines how to dress now, it's just day to day, somewhere in between. 

Full editorial here

The sound of us

Sunday, February 1, 2015

we spent a day at the 
conservatory of flowers, 
studying plants. 
recording their texture,
listening to their
water-drop hums.

san francisco
20 december, 2014

Forest Shapes

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

- "Geo" by Rebekah Campbell for Oyster Mag -

FRAGILE GEOMETRY... I love this concept by Rebekah Campbell. I only wish I could trace the texture of those translucent shapes in my hands. They look so delicate, like a figment of imagination, yet solid, tactile, tangible. I was about to go to sleep, when I saw these dreamy photos, and just like that there was nothing more important than writing this post. 2 am rationality...


Friday, January 16, 2015

Un, petite fragrance. Half-filled in its miniature glass bottle, the first perfume I ever received- classic daisy by marc jacobs. I typically don't wear perfume, but this one never fails to make me feel youthful and fresh. Though I admit, I've had my eyes on that pretty Rodin bottle for some time now.

Deux, gold accents. Favorite simple gold studs from Anthropologie.

Trois, thin bands. Arc ring and bracelet, c/o Fresh Tangerine jewelry.

Quatre, a place to hold these delicate pieces. Small glass plates infused with a gold leaf foil, which my mother got me in a tiny village store in Japan.



As close as I can get

Thursday, January 15, 2015

A diary of flowers
A year of love
As close as I can get

Changing things
Here it comes
No dust

A far away corner
And still this.  

sometimes up there
jim hodges.  2013

And then, it was 2015.

What was intended to be a few-day breather, full of Miles Davis and too many cookies, turned into two-going on three weeks of silence and self-reflection away from the blog - so hello again! How to transition into an entirely new year in just a meager paragraph.... My most recent source of inspiration might be a good place to start.

This past Friday after classes, I walked down to Hammer to catch Jim Hodge's exhibit in its final days at the museum. His work is an incredible mix of texture and color, both delicate and loud, intricate and full of emotion. It's about the small things in life, and temporality, the captions read. Hodge allows himself to explore so many material realms- textile, painting, photography, found objects, with a careful intention in seeing menial things in a new, different way. The importance of the unspoken bits is what inspires me in his work. Sometimes up there isn't from this particular exhibit, but it's one of my favorites after looking more into his work. Another favorite from the exhibit, here it comes.
Here's a little snippet written by Hammer Museum, found here: 

"Since the late 1980s, Hodges’ poetic reconsiderations of the material world have inspired a wide-ranging body of work. From the delicate nature of early wall sculptures—including Diary of Flowers (1994), composed with hundreds of doodled paper napkins, and Changing Things (1997), made from disassembled silk flowers—to the large cut-paper photographs of flowering trees, gold-leafed newspaper pages, and light-filled mirror mosaics of the past decade, Hodges’ art typically begins as humble, even overlooked materials that are transformed through his touch." 
- source -

The poem at the top of the post? As I walked through the exhibit's rooms, I jotted down my favorite titles of Hodge's works. In retrospect, reading these titles in the sequence I found them was a perfect way to remember my experience. As a combination of seemingly random words, arranging themselves in an unexpectedly beautiful way. 

1. what's left     2. As close as I can get 

As for the rest of winter break... 


Monday, December 29, 2014

coat and shoes - c/o oak and fort
pocket tee - c/o everlane

photos by kevin mao

pairing: chance encounter

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Parallel lines have a lot in common, but they never meet. 
 But every other pair of lines meets once, then drifts apart forever." 

TODAY'S PAIRING N.6 ... Inspired by the ambiguity of lines. Ongoing, coincidental, undisrupted straight marks of inches, centimeters, of co-existence, life's disruption, and a chance encounter. 

I went to the empty handball courts yesterday with Kevin and Vincent. I loved the lines across the court there. Stark white, against synthetic asphalt in forest green. Splatters on the wall, and last week's rain stains, and some lovely coral hues. He said it might be dirty, I found it beautiful. I don't think I would have thought that a year ago. There were also trees lining the rims of the court, peeking from edges of concrete. We talked about Murakami, and now he's on my mind! I'll start reading Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World next week. Glad I brought my film camera with me. 


Image I: La charte d’Athènes by Scott HardyImage 
II: Dieppa Restrepo via Need Supply

moments found: four barrel cafe

Monday, December 22, 2014

four barrel cafe, 
375 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
ordered: cafe mocha

WITHIN THE PULSE of an over-crowded cafe, loud spurts of laughter weave between conversations, filling the empty spaces in keyboards. Roasting coffee brews a hazy warmth over the room. I came to this cafe around 5 pm, just as the last light was disappearing. The energy here was still high; there were still soft moments worth noticing... 

There is something to be said for the aroma alone that the roasting coffee here ignites. 

"Our roasters have spent years perfecting the art of using their experience, senses, intuition and knowledge to make adjustments and take the coffee where it needs to go. Modern technology is simply no match...it takes patience, dedication, understanding and willingness to interact with coffee in this way everyday. We taste the fruits of their labor every morning in our double americanos and our cups of kenya miroroma pour-over and challenge anyone who scoffs at the notion that the art of roasting is anything less than the work of a lifetime "  - four barrel, via 

It's as simple as this. When coffee is made with care, from its origins as a sourced green plant, to the relationships cultivated with farmers across the world, it shows in the first sip of coffee we take from our barista's mug. Not only is their coffee great (even Dandelion Chocolate down the street mixes Four Barrel coffee with their chocolate, and it's the Best Thing Ever), I was so infatuated with the little coffee mugs they served here, I asked the barista for their source. He not only gave me the company name, he gave me the owner's business card& contact, and a little history. Impressive, no? 

Cafe's are my comfort spot. They always have been. It's a little indulgent, sure. But sometimes we need several hours of self-indulgent bliss. And Nico's sweet voice in the background. I find that good friends, strangers even, open up more, feel freer to engage in deep conversation with a steaming cup in hand. When I'm alone, looking up from what I'm doing an hour later, to find the daylight nearly gone, is beautiful. I love glancing up now and then, just noticing- anonymous strangers walking in, the way rays of light hit the chair, the barista deep in concentration. I love watching artists draw other people, observing people, observing. 

All photos taken with Mamiya film camera. 



Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"My mother was right: When you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust."
                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Jane Birkin 

Favorite snapshots of Jane Birkin. Such energy, and presence! Such a lived (living) life.
Note to self: take favorite cream knit out to the beach, asap. 



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