Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"My mother was right: When you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust."
                                                                                                                                                                                                    -Jane Birkin 

Favorite snapshots of Jane Birkin. Such energy, and presence! Such a lived (living) life.
Note to self: take favorite cream knit out to the beach, asap. 


Learning, un-learning, re-learning

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

“I’m stimulated by learning 

and if I’m not learning then I’m not stimulated, 

and if I’m not stimulated then I’m not living, 

and if I’m not living then I’m dead.”

-Ryan McGuiness, Human Being Journal. Issue 4. 


- Huntington Botanical Gardens, Los Angeles - 

At the time, I would say I was intrigued with the idea of perfection. 
As if capturing the cleanest, most flawlessly arranged photographic form was superior to the reality of a messy, un-cropped life. 
For a while, I shunned one, then mocked the other. Who am I left with, if I am both? 

If questioning, and re-questioning everything is learning, then I'm learning, and re-learning a lot this year. 

I want to understand more than the aesthetics of a photo. I want to know why a photo illicits a reaction. Is it the soul the photographer brings to the image, a rawness, or happiness, or yearning, the viewer then shares? 

When I look at these photos, I'm reminded of a love for shadows, for organic plants unfurling their limbs in soft light. I never want to lose this innocence. I'm also reminded of a true struggle now, to release control and symmetry. To undo perfection. 

A friend took me to this spot not so long ago. It's beautiful, and I look forward to the ease I felt walking through the gardens. Just getting lost in the plants, laughing, wandering, wondering out loud. 


Mood Board: Washed Out

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A little love letter to December in Los Angeles... 

The rain is pouring outside now, our first rainfall in weeks. Illuminated windows are frosted, but there's not an ounce of snowy white powder atop the pastel houses that line these LA streets. 

And I'm not talking about the "snow" on 12 ft. palm trees at the Promenade or the Grove...

This week, I'm inspired by faint, washed out, ephemeral hues. Maybe it's the influence of my English class (Joan Didion, Bret Easton Ellis, aka reveling in the feeling of nothing-ness), or just noticing the pastel-colored houses in this city more. On the other hand, I also re-watched Florence Welch's "Love letter to LA", filmed by Tabitha  Denholm a couple years ago, where she admits to finding LA the opposite of empty- full of new possibility away from home, of thrilling excitement, and glamour. Both resonate with me, at different times, I think. 

In the meantime, here I am in my apartment, putting up a mood board that features some of my favorite artist's photos (all found here). In the mix- Human Being Journal (can't get enough), artist Ina Jang (seriously, can't get enough), Tarafirma + Joshuvela's beautiful tumblr's, and Shirin Neshat's Logic of the Birds, one of my all time favorites

Have a well-rested enough weekend, for the both of us (finals week, here I come! )


In the Studio: The Classics

Monday, December 1, 2014

TWO WEEKENDS AGO, at 8 am on a crisp Friday morning, I ventured out to the Arts District in downtown LA to shoot a style story at Esther's studio. 

The dull, lengthy commute? Not so fun. This hardly mattered, however, given the concept we were to work around that day: the classics

The classics, being those select few pieces in our collection that have quite frankly, endured our very worst faux-pas, and come out on top, as our go-to's and easy favorites. The loose-fitted white tee, ideal for lounging around in the apartment- sleeves, easily rolled up, for the days we want to channel our inner James Dean (everyday). The black pants, long enough to appear slimming, stretchy enough   to sit cross-legged on a stool for a half-hour (tried and tested). The chunky sandals, wooden heeled, with nude inner soles, and once broken in, perfect for stomping around the city. 

These are the simple pieces, the ones which have outlasted the best and worst of trends, the ones we inevitably reach for, because we know they'll perform. They probably took a long time to find or acquire. And they were probably not the cheapest to come by. But for these pieces, I personally never mind shelling out a little more. Their allure, after all, lies in their immaculate quality. They've been worn now, to the point of soft, intimate, and subtle perfection. These pieces are timeless. 

Many thanks to Melis, who took these photos, and about a hundred more. With certain photographer friends like her, I feel more comfortable in front of the camera, because behind every serious photo, five equally awkward, humorous instances exist. 

Those are the true classics, right? 

Which classics do you find most timeless and worthwhile? I'd love to know. 


For good meals, together

Thursday, November 27, 2014


WHEN I THINK OF a truly good meal, an impossibly cozy atmosphere, and the best company, this photo immediately comes to mind. I took this in New York City, when Michelle and I visited the Fat Radish earlier this year. It was so cold and crisp that morning, and when we walked almost thirty blocks to lower Manhattan, from East Village to this restaurant near Chinatown, we were all but famished. I'd heard about the vegetarian restaurant through Cereal Mag, and as soon as we stepped in, and saw that well-documented beauty of a bicycle in the foyer, we knew the long trek was well worth it. And this was before our dish came. 

Aren't these colors so quintessentially autumn

Today is Thanksgiving, and while the meal we're having later today won't be documented quite like this, it'll be spent enjoying and participating in real time conversations nonetheless. This year, more than past years, I have so much to be thankful for. I've gotten to know such special, life-changing people, and I've held onto the ones who know me best, who remind me that material things in life are merely this- replaceable things. And more than ever, I understand the the necessity of disconnecting, and just living, just being present. Even if you don't celebrate this holiday, take the time to have a worthwhile meal with someone you care about. There is always enough time to sit down, enjoy good food, and let go of the outside world. And... now time to stuff myself silly with PIE. 

Happy Thanksgiving! 


A little something

Friday, November 21, 2014


& Other Stories feat. Lykke Li

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

-via Other Stories
LYYKE LI is the one female singer who I would pay copious amounts to see. Ridiculous amounts. Quite a few of my friends saw her perform this past summer, and believe me, I died a little more inside- every single time. With my luck, I'd fly to Europe, and she'd still be unreachable! 

Every couple weeks, I come back to one of her songs, be it "Love out of Lust", "I know Places", or "Little Bit", only to listen to every album consecutively. I savor the nights when I have time to work my way through each album, song by song, story by story. There's this incredible mix of tender emotion, relatability and total bad ass, don't care attitude she brings. Life goals, indeed. 

So... this is why I'm also a little ashamed that I didn't write about her collaboration with &Other Stories sooner! The collection she came out with is absolutely incredible. First the color pallet- black, creamy white, tans, and golds....swoon. Next the seamless cuts. I'm in love with the oversized cashmere sweater, white dress shirt, the loafers- really, everything can be mixed and matched in countlessly versatile ways, and that's when you know the choices are solid. Take a look at her collection here, if you haven't already!

And finally the video, edited to perfection, overplayed to a fault :


New In: Oak and Fort

Friday, November 14, 2014

AUTUMN HUES brim my mind, with thoughts of both warmth and shadow this week. Here's a color pallet that reflects Earth's tones- of crisp leaves outside, of darkness found in shortening lengths of day. The season when chunky knit sweaters are the norm, when steaming mugs are held tight between fingers, and night becomes 5 pm strolls home in the fading light. Simple comfort and basics as the weather turns crisp- this is my favorite time for  dressing. The Album, "Metals" by Feist describes this feeling perfectly.

Today, I am so excited to announce a collaboration with Oak+ Fort, a contemporary clothing brand based in Vancouver, Canada. You might recall that I visited Gastown, Vancouver just a few weeks ago. Basically, amidst a handful of incredible menswear stores, I chanced upon Oak+Fort, and fell in love with the womenswear they carried. Little did I know, that a mere week after I returned home, they would be contacting me to feature some of my favorite pieces from their collection. You guys, selecting their clothing was no easy task. Take a look at their website, and you'll see what I mean. It's a minimalist's dream, a menswear-inspired haven. These are a few of the pieces I picked- I've already been wearing these sandals non-stop, so look forward to some styled posts soon! 


Friday Pairings: la nuit et l’aurore

Friday, October 31, 2014


ENTRE LA NUIT, la nuit et l'aurore... if you know which song this is from (I only profess my love every other post) we really need to be best friends. 

This morning, I'm sharing one of my favorite aesthetic combinations this month: a dusky light coral- with a tinge of burnt orange, and the classic black & white noir. Don't you love all that grain against the flora? It adds such texture and quiet intrigue. And the image on the top right... one of my all time favorites. I love the the soft strength that Lanvin achieves time and time again in their advertisements! 

Below: Ah this color combination! Something about the light coral, crisp white, and endless black together is simply striking. I'm drooling over Karla Spetic's Autumn/Winter 2014 menswear-inspired collection- the color and cut of this coat is perfection. And even amidst many gems on my "homme" board (I really enjoy beautiful people, ok) I couldn't bypass Dominik Sadoch (how is that hair humanly possible).

On a side note: Somehow, I'm always hit with waves of relentless inspiration during the weeks I'm most restricted with schoolwork... Ah, well it's time to hit the books- Joan Didion and Bauhaus are calling. Have a great weekend! 

- images via  -


Fall Backwards

Monday, October 27, 2014

- c/o shop evens | photo by Esther Lee -

INSPIRED BY an image, two stunning smocks, and the rarity of a free afternoon, Melissa and I decided to have a little impromptu shoot in my apartment earlier last week.

We'd both just received these wonderfully crafted, autumn-hued pieces from Kate De Para of Shop Evens, a design studio based in Houston, Texas. What initially attracted me to Evens is the rare combination of aesthetic simplicity, ease of wear, and artistic quality I always look for, but seldom find. I absolutely love their experimentation with multiple forms of artistry: photography, prints, textile making- all elements you know I value!


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